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  FOR SALE A brilliant offer of 20 beautiful Malawi Haps Cichlids.


We are offering 20 Aulonocara and haps all are a good size at between 6 - 7 cm. Some are showing fantastic colours already. The price will only be 70 for the 20 fish this a great price for the size and quality of fish you will be buying. These fish are great to fill your tank or to start a new set up off. I would not advise them to be put in with bigger fish though. If you do not want to buy 20 fish in one go you can buy 10 for 40 or they are 5 each.
Aulonocara Red Rubin Peacock 2.0
Aulonacara Orange Blotch Peacock, stunning colours 2.0
Aulonocara Regal blue stuartgranti mbenji peacock 2.0
Aulonocara Baenschi 2.0
Aulonocara Maylandi Sulphur Head 2.0
Aulonocara Jacobfriebergi all types 2.0
Aulonocara Pink Albino fire fish. 2.0
Aulonocara Fire fish. 1.5
Aulonocara sp. 2.0
Aulonocara stuartgranti "Mdoka" 2.0
Aulonocara hasbaenschi 1.5
Aulonocara stuartgranti "Lwanda" 2.0
Aulonocara Peacock-Gold Red Eye 3.5 cm nyassae
Aulonocara Peacock Dragon blood very red 2.0
Cyrtocara moori Dolp

Contact kim
Tel 07930883018
Town Solihull
County West Midlands
Website ...

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