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  Magical Marnies Mousery


Established in June 2005, Magical Marnie's Mousery, is a small time breeder of broken marked fancy mice in a variety of colours and coat types including : Astrex, Texel, Satin, Longhaired, Naked/Fuzzies & Standards.

All mice born at the mousery are handled daily from when it is safe to do so, which is roughly 3 days old, I check the babies and mother everyday, just before she has babies, and then everyday after, to make sure mother and babies are doing well.

I wean the babies at 4 weeks of age, which is also when I split the genders, but I do not allow any of the mice to leave until at least 6 weeks of age, this is just so I know they are eating, drinking and going to the toilet like normal, and just to make sure they are growing well.

All mice are 4 each or 3 for 10.

A receipt is always given out on day of purchase

All money made from the mice goes back to the mice, for shavings, straw, mite treatment, food, treats, toys ect... I do not breed to make a profit.

Contact Marnie1990
Tel 07581112199
Town Staffordshire
County West Midlands
Websitehttp://magicalmarniemousery.weebly. ...

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