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 African Grey Parrot Baby 12 weeks Old + Extras : Harness Trained African Grey Baby Parrot Only or 995.00 with cage and accessories as shown below...Our Baby Parrots make the best pet of all the parrot family due to the ...22/07/17
 WANTED : Have you an UNWANTED African Grey, Cockatoo or Macaw that are pulling their feathers out, biting, screeching or swearing, or just need to go to a good home. I can re-home ...22/07/17

1. VARIOUS BIRDS FOR SALE : O W Amazon, tame, unsexed, comes on hand 350 Sun conure, tame , unsexed, comes on hand 275 Nanday conure, steady/semi tame, was handreared but not handled much, one y ... 21/07/17
2. Aquatic Finatic Pet Livestock - : Hand reared Kakariki Parakeets Budgies Canaries Finches Cockatiels Ringneck pair Kakariki Diamond Doves Mini lops cross breed English French lops Netherla ... 19/07/17
4. garden dove cote : The Himbleton Dovecote 12. Large sized wall mounted dove cote new and ready now, beautifully built to house up to 24 doves and their young. Features an additional eight ... 09/07/17
5. HAND REARED BIRDS : LOVELY hand reared AND HAND TAME BABY COCKATIEL NOW READY ,these are various colours including albino and pied . all birds comw with some seed and are silly tame.nottingh ... 29/06/17
6. Dovecote for sale. : The Billington (6) post mounted Dovecote range are one of our most popular dovecotes built to house up to 6 pairs of doves. Evenly xided upon 2 levels contains 6 separate ... 29/06/17
7. Beautiful white fantail pigeons for sale : I have 4 white fantail pigeons for sale which are shown in the photographs. They are 8 to 10 weeks old and are rung with closed anodised rings which carry an identificati ... 29/06/17
8. lesser sulphur Cockatoo : I got lesser Sulphur Cockatoo parrot Male not tame just stay in Cage dont have time to give now. He got ring on his leg I got it two years ago but couldn't give him time. ... 27/06/17
9. muscovy ducks - free : I have 3 male Muscovy ducks in need of a new loving home. These are pets not for the pot!! They make lovely pets they do not quack like most ducks they hiss so wont dist ... 25/06/17
10. HAND REARED BABY GALAH COCKATOO FOR SALE : Hand reared baby Galah cockatoos very very super tame make lovely pets close rung and with dna tested papers and hatch certificate full parrot care sheet very tame dosnt ... 22/06/17
11. Talking African Gray Parrot : Sadly we have to separate from our beautiful African Gray parrot. She is 3 years old, and a hand tamed parrot, she is very sociable to children and other animals. She is ... 22/06/17
12. Swedish Flower Hen pullets : Gorgeous and very rare POL Swedish Flower Hen pullets available. This is a very sought after breed that are hardy and easy to keep. Their stunning markings means that the ... 22/06/17
13. Tamed African Grey Parrot for sale : Well tamed African Grey Parrot for adoption. She feeds from the hands and can speak. She does not screen and likes play a lot. She also goes on well with other pets. Cont ... 15/06/17
14. Pair of Young Pacific Parrotlets : A pair of 1.5 year old Pacific Parrotlets for sale. Male is blue, female is green. Will become relatively tame with regular attention. Fed a healthy diet. Will not be sep ... 03/06/17
15. Hand Reared Baby Green Wing Macaw : I have a stunning hand reared green wing macaw for sale through no fault of her own Due to a change in work I am having to work away from home and it is not fair on her w ... 01/06/17
16. Pair of Talking African Grey Parrots for Sale : I have a pair of adorable African grey parrots available for a loving home that can provide the care they need. They have been raised in our home and have great dispositi ... 29/05/17
17. Tame Green Cheek Conure with cage 175 : We are sadly looking for a new home for Pop. She (we are not certain of gender) is around 16 months old. We had two birds until one recently passed away. We are not willi ... 21/05/17
18. PROVEN PAIR OF NANDAY CONURES : Proven pair of nanday conures, lovely condition, and in very good health, with DNA certifictes 250 pair.Their last years young male, steady hand reared but need to be ta ... 15/05/17
19. BLUE AND GOLD MACAW PARROT : BLUE AND GOLD MACAW PARROT HI, this is Nadia my blue and gold macaw, she is 21 months old Banded and DNA as a female. She is a very loving bird once she knows you and ... 14/05/17
20. conure for sale : hand reared and hand tame baby green cheek conure , these make great pets and you can learn them to talk. i am in nottingham area.07934147331 13/05/17
21. WANTED PIGEONS : Hi looking for Saxon colour breasts if you can help please get in touch like in photo 13/05/17
22. male green cheek couner : for sale male green cheek couner hand reared tame does not come with cage. about 4 years buyer must collect. 30. no offers contact mrs parker on 01529 455741 01/05/17
23. female cockateil : female pearl cockateil ideal for breeding not tame very pretty, buyer must collect 5.00 olny no offers mrs a parker 01529 455741 01/05/17
24. Nanday conure semi tame : Young semi tame nanday conure male, 7 months old, in lovely condition 200 including cage. No offers please. 01/05/17
25. Proven plumheads parakeets pair : Plumheads proven pair, in lovely condition 200 per pair. 30/04/17
26. Good Home Offered to Unwanted Birds : Unwanted Birds - Plucked, nippy or any other. Do you have any birds that you no longer care for? Finches to Large parrots can be rehomed, we can give them a permanent ... 22/04/17
27. POL Hens for sale : we have some lovely point of lay hens for sale.all 20 weeks old and fully vaccinated. Bluebells, Black Rocks, Speckldys, Light Sussex and warrens. 14.00 each. call for ... 19/04/17
28. Citron Yellow Crested Cockatoo - Male : EXTREMELY tame, excellent example of this breed, especially receptive and loving towards women and children. So sad to have to re-home him, but due to serious illness wi ... 15/04/17
29. fancy pigeons : 4 English barb cocks 2red 2 black free to anyone very good quality ring 07810882499 cheers 15/04/17
30. Urgently Wanted female fantail dove or pairs : Hi I'm looking for a female fantail dove I have a pair and 1 lonely male. Interested in other colours as well single or pairs. Looking to collect Leicester area if po ... 15/04/17
31. Wanted Pair of Tiplers Or rollers and a young hen : Hi I'm looking for a breeding pair of rollers/tiplers and a single hen. Looking to collect Leicester surrounding areas if possible These must be healthy I have fligh ... 15/04/17
32. Pair Congo African grey parrots : Pair hand fed African Grey parrots, we have had them since they where 8 months old. they are very smart, playful, and talks all the time. I am extremely sad that I can no ... 15/03/17
33. Eclectus : Breeding pair of eclectus selling due to owners ill Heath 900 Based in Huddersfield Any questions please call 11/03/17
34. Dovecotes & Titcotes for sale : Quality handcrafted dovecotes, titcotes, bird tables and more available to order securely online at Wide range of many designs, styles, sizes and ... 10/03/17
35. adorable pair of african greys : We have an adorable pair of african greys in Eva and Elvin. they are been paired since one year old and are presently 6 years old. they are both very quick learners and l ... 05/03/17
36. X Baby Quaker Parrots X : Beautiful colors, greens, 4 months old, wolf, whistles, semi tame really steady birds ready to be trained, very healthy birds, beautiful feathers love being out the cage ... 03/03/17
37. Look Baby Conure Parrots : Beautiful colors, 3 months old, wolf, whistles, semi tame really steady birds ready to be trained, very healthy birds, beautiful feathers love being out the cage all day ... 28/02/17
38. Baby RIngneck Parrots : Beautiful colors, 4 months old, wolf, whistles, semi tame really steady birds ready to be trained, very healthy birds, beautiful feathers love being out the cage all day ... 27/02/17
39. Cream Legbar chicks : Beautiful cream legbar chicks, from one day old. From quality breed standard parents. Will lay pretty blue eggs. Guaranteed female. 10 each. Tenterden, Kent 07767 822575 22/02/17
41. Grey Headed Cape Parrots Chicks Wanted for Hand Re... ... : Grey Headed Cape Parrots HEN Pairs and Chicks Wanted for Hand Rearing willing to travel loveing home waiting. Tel 01923 678552. 21/02/17
42. Female Peacock pheasant wanted : Female peacock phesant wanted 18/02/17
43. Australian king parrot hen wanted : Australian king parrot hen wanted can collect at Stafford show good money paid for young bird 17/02/17
44. Crested budgies : 7no blue / violet pied tufts full and half one crestbred all young mixed sex 185 lot 07970405809 10/02/17
45. Wide Range of Birds Available : Here at Brook Garden Centre we have a large pet department with a wide variety of birds. Cockatiels, Budgies, Bourke's, Rosellas plus many many more. We have 3 pet gre ... 23/01/17
46. 22 white doves : My neighbour is selling up and now it is time he beloved doves went. He has had to get rid of his Lovebirds etc. Would prefer that they all went to a good home 16o GBP or ... 23/01/17
47. Birds Livestock List inc Chickens 07/03/17 : Amazon (yellow capped) Quaker Parrots Sun Conures Budgies Bengalese Finches Starfinches Canaries Chickens - (chickens currently not available due to r ... 11/01/17
48. Quality handcrafted dovecotes. : We have a fantastic range of quality garden dovecotes available to order online for collection or uk delivery. Many designs, styles and finishes to choose from to sui ... 02/01/17
49. Handcrafted Luxurious Birdtable : New Handcrafted large Bird feeding table for sale. Beautiful quality and nothing like your average bird table. Has a spacious octagonal feeding area and a shingled wa ... 02/01/17
50. HAND REARED BABY BLUE AND GOLD MACAWS FOR SALE 11... ... : hand reared blue and gold macaw baby lovley in condition very very cuddly tame love to be outside and good with kids dosnt bite close ring with dna and hatch certificate ... 28/12/16
51. hand reared baby galah cockatoos for sale : Hand reared baby galah cockatoos very very super tame make lovely pets can be very good talker make lovley pets and good with everyone and dosnt bite at all close ru ... 28/12/16
52. Indian Ringneck Parrot : Pair of Baby Indian Ringneck Parrots one Male and one Female with a Free Brand New cage x food, They are now around 4 to 5 months old so good age to start Taming them and ... 17/12/16
53. Point of lay pullets : Hibred pullets point of lay 9 each also six two years old warren hens and a cockbird 10 the lot 07970405809 16/12/16
54. Bramshaw Table Top Bird Sale (SO43 7JE) : We have a table top bird sale at Bramshaw Village hall each month,up to 60 tables of birds from parrots to finches, also seed tables,meal worms/ pinkies, cages etc. Teas ... 07/12/16
55. Grey Headed Cape Parrots Wanted : GREY HEADED CAPE Parrot Adult PROVEN MALE for sale 595. Tel 01923 678552. 25/11/16
56. Pekin Robins Wanted : One pair of pekin Robins wanted a proven pair or dna sexed cash waiting. Please contact me with details 20/11/16
57. Wanted RINGNECKs parakeet : Wanted ringnecks parakeet similar to in picture, young or adult but at reasonable price, in Essex area as unable to collect from far unless delivered or willing to meet. ... 12/11/16
58. Pure White Wedding Release Doves in all areas : I am selling a complete flock of pure white doves which have been used for wedding release and have been very sucessful all birds would home in to there new home after 8 ... 11/11/16
59. Pure White Wedding Release Doves For Sale (All Loc... ... : A rare chance to buy wedding release doves in total 20 birds all treated for everything STUNNING BIRDS all rung please no offers as the birds are to good to barter!!!! 11/11/16
60. Pure White Doves & Fantails for sale in all locati... ... : I have a number of Pure White Doves for sale and Fantails all birds are of the best stock.please call 07793663056 for more information..Can also supply the food and grit ... 11/11/16
61. female African grey parrot Q : female African grey parrot for sale. She is 1 year 8 months old now, Comes with travelling cage. Very healthy and tamed. Eat variety of foods and seeds. Love playing with ... 09/11/16
62. Dovecotes : Superb quality dovecote range available to order from Welsh Dovecotes. ****** The Billington (6) post mounted Dovecote range are one of our most popular dovecotes built ... 05/11/16
63. 3 x montana double breeding cages for sale : 3 x Montana double breeding cages used but in very good condition with all dishes and perch with all nest box holes made 150 each For more information call me on 0793 ... 05/11/16
65. Pure white exhibition fantail pigeons for sale : I have 6 young white exhibition fantail pigeons for sale as shown in the photograph. They are 10 to 14 weeks old and are rung with closed anodised rings which carry an id ... 01/11/16
66. NANDAY parrot : beautiful Rare large NANDAY parrot, they all baby this season ready for tame and talk , they will make great family pet. 3 available 200 each, also i have cage for ext ... 22/10/16
67. African grey Timneh dna female 350 : Female African grey believed to be 19 years old. Good feather, not a biter, checked over by Avian vet. Is microchipped. Can be picked up but not taught step up. No issues ... 19/10/16
68. snowflake bobwhite quail : I have 2016 young of the above. selling as pairs and one trio. 20 pair or 30 trio These birds have far more character than CPQ and will eat out of your hand. 14/10/16
69. african grey baby hand reared : African Grey baby parrot hand reared, close rung and very tame,reared in family environment and used to all household noises and used to a dog being around,hatching certi ... 14/10/16
70. African Greys : Ready now for their new homes 12 weeks old Hand Reared Nd Tame. Parrot Society Rung. 04/10/16
71. African Grey babies : Ready now hand reared and tame Parrot Society Rung. 04/10/16
72. Fantail Doves : Fantail Doves for sale, fantastic birds with large tails feathers on there feet first to see will buy NPA rung 07565706778 02/10/16
73. RL COLLINS information on Doves,duck ,chicken : Have a look at my web site information on Keeping Doves,Fantails,ducks and Chickens also birds and equipment for sale. I have been keeping and breeding birds all my li ... 28/09/16
74. Fantail starter kit free delivery 160 : I have put together a starter kit that contains all the items that you will need to get started. It includes 1 pair of fantail doves, homing net, 2kg of feed, 1kg ... 28/09/16
75. WHITE FANTAIL DOVES : These are true fantails that have large tails that always desplay a fan shape. they are all home breed from good sound stock. All birds that are for sale are this years b ... 28/09/16

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