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1. mealworms : Hi I have mealworms bred by myself 50g of worms for 1 bulk buys welcome mostly large available but may include some smaller ones aswel please message if more info needed ... 22/06/17
2. Giant African Land Snails : Offered for sale are young Giant African Land Snails (Achatina fulica). These snails have been captive-bred and are grown-on specimens a few months old - they are alrea ... 22/06/17
3. Indian ornamental (poecilotheria regalis) : Adult female Indian ornamental tarantula with full set up 60 21/05/17
4. Indian Stick Insects (Carausius morosus) : Offered for sale are Indian Stick Insect nymphs. Sizes vary depending on availability, so please contact me for current stock and prices. I only send strong, healthy ins ... 03/05/17
5. Unwanted tarantulas for a good home : I am looking any unwanted tarantulas from aggressive to non aggressive, will be in excellent care, I already have 2 and I find them amazing, will not pay for the tarantul ... 01/05/17
6. Live Spiders In stock 07/03/17 : Spiders - Cobalt blue, Haplopelma lividum Eastern Horned Baboon, Ceratogyrus darlingi Mexican Red Knee, Brachypelma smithi Indian Violet Earth Tiger, Chilob ... 10/03/17
7. Spiders For Sale 07/03/17 : Cobalt blue, Haplopelma lividum Eastern Horned Baboon, Ceratogyrus darlingi Mexican Red Knee, Brachypelma smithi Indian Violet Earth Tiger, Chilobrachys fimbria ... 07/03/17
8. Titan stick insects : I have young titan stick insects acrophylla wuelfingi for sale@ 3.00 each. For futher details phone 01207 284253 01/12/16
9. Stick insects and Mantids : Hi, I am currently looking for stick insects and mantids.I am located in Portsmouth, so this area would be ideal. If anyone has any for sale please contact me. 15/11/16
10. Various Tarantulas for sale : Adults Aphonopelma Chalcodes 4.5" (desert blonde) 35 Sub Adults Euathlus sp. Blue (Blue Femur Beauty) 4.5" 38 ***SOLD*** Brachypelma smithi 4" 28 Juvenil ... 10/08/16
11. Leaf Cutting Ant Colonies for sale, Atta and Acrom... ... : All sizes of Leaf Cutting Ant colonies, both Atta and Acromyrmex species, supplied by the worlds leading specialist, send or delivered world wide from UK. Colonies establ ... 04/06/16
12. CURLY HAIR TARANTULAS @PETWAREHOUSE : We currently have in stock 3 Curly Hair Tarantula idea first Spider 30 each PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] WE DON'T OFFER A ... 21/04/16
14. bird eating tarantula : 6 months old. Bought for my son but has lost interest. Full setup to go with it 90. 07835 797452 17/03/16
15. Theraphosa Strimi for sale : Female Theraphosa Strimi for sale /d.o.b: 13/05/2013/ with big vivarium. Prefer collect it personally 07/02/16
16. Scorpions: 10/02/16 : SCORPIONS: Scorpio maurus (Large Clawed) 15 Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest) Unsexed 20 Hadrurus arizonensis (Desert Hairy) Males 30 Each Heterometrus lao ... 23/12/15
17. Other Inverts: 10/02/16 : CENTIPEDES & MILLIPEDES: Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans (Chinese Red Head) (x2 Available) 20 Each Scolopendrea Sp. (Blue Legged Centipede) (x1 Available) 20 ..... ... 23/12/15
18. goliath birdeater (t stirmi breeding pair sub adul... ... : One male t stirmi goliath sub adult 6 inch plus span eating well and webbing great has a large abdomen and very wide caparace (head) very healthy first pic under log.2nd ... 11/12/15
19. Queen ant suppliers : British Ants are a local family run business operating from West Sussex that supplies native and tropical ant colonies around Europe. 06/12/15
20. loving home offered for spiders and pet insects : Good loving home offered to any unwanted spiders and pet insects and equipment large or small. Nice or not even non feeders.i breed a lot of my own foods so feeding is ne ... 06/11/15
21. leafcutter ant journals : 05/10/15
22. Spiders for sale : P. Metallica female - 120 B. Albopilosum female - 30 P. Atrichomatus Female - 80 Postage is 8.95 next day. 25/09/15
23. Tarantula Collection for 120 : G.Pulchra (Brazilian Black), 1.5 inch C.cyaneopubescens (GBB) 1 inch P.muticus (King Baboon) 1 inch N.chromatus (Brazilian Red and white) 0.5 inch P.nigricolour 4-5in ... 29/08/15
24. Brachypelma Albopilson 2cm slings : x10 for 20 FREE Postage Next day delivery 27/08/15
25. P. Metallica Adult female : Beautiful colourful tarantula. 120 27/08/15
26. free rehoming service by berkshire reptile rescue : Good home offered to any unwanted Inverts, by Berkshire reptile rescue. Started in 1996 this non profit organisation was set up to help find homes for unwanted reptiles ... 21/06/15
27. PHEIDOLOGETON WANTED : Hi Guys, Looking for a colony of Pheidologeton Diversus or any other Pheidologeton. I have 28 to spend. Also looking for a supplier of Asian ants for very cheap price ... 03/06/15
28. Tarantula Starter Kit Full Set Up : Tarantula starter kits comes with everything you need to keep a tarantula nice and happy, Includes Viv, Heat Matt, Coconut Cave, Coco Block And Water Bowl, starting from ... 15/05/15
29. tarantula collection 150 : White knee birdeater Chilean rose X2 Chilean gold burst Mexican red rump King baboon OBT Curly hair Chaco white knee Trinidad Chevron Mysore ornamental Suntiger ... 25/04/15
30. cockroaches / roaches for sale : Blaptica dubia / orange-spotted , Guyana spotted 2 grams small 3.00 1 x medium 0.20 each 1 x large 0.30 1 x adult female 0.40 1 x adult male 0.30 Blatta l ... 13/03/15
31. spiders and roaches : spiders for sale many different species please visit the web site link for more information few for sale at the moment giant ... 13/03/15
32. Leaf Cutting Ants For Sale : Colonies of Leaf Cutting Ants and their Display cases, made to measure, FOR SALE Atta cephalotes, small, medium and large, Acromyrmex octospionosis, small medium and lar ... 01/01/15
33. Tarantula collection : Selling my collection of tarantulas come with housing and heat mats... Adult female salmon pink 7-8" Adult Female Haitian brown 7" X4 Cameroon red baboon ... 03/12/14
34. chillie rose for sale : selling my two year old female chillie rose tarantula. sheds and eats very well.comes with a 2ft glass tank, water bowl. wood, and plastic ivy. loves to be handled.50.00 08/11/14
35. Tarantula Slings For Sale : I have the following Spiderlings for sale all around 1cm - 2cm unsexed Chilli Rose 7.49 Blue Bird Eater 18.99 Curly Hair 7.50 Trinidad Olive 14.49 Guyana Pink To ... 01/11/14
36. FEMALE CHILEAN ROSE TARANTULA FOR SALE : I have a medium sized female chilean rose tarantula (grey)for sale.. extremely friendly and easy to handle. Comes with open top bowl setup inc log/tree bark for her to hi ... 16/10/14
37. jungle nymphs for sale semi adult : i have adult semi adult jungle nymphs for sale 35.00 for female male pair inc postage ,few only just moulted are about to adult stage,ova also 10 per 20.payment by pay ... 30/09/14
38. tatantulas for sale : hi I have some juvie and tarantula slings for sale collection welcome for folkestone kent or can post first class 5 rmnd 8 p.murinus/obt 1-2cm 4 C. cyaneopubesc ... 23/09/14
39. life time home offered to unwanted tarantulas : hi im willing to take in any unwanted tarantulas with or with out housing any type freindly or not any amount i have over 12 years experance with tarantulas all will be g ... 23/09/14
41. Cosy Tortooses-Bee Wildflower Seed Mix 5g, 10g, 15... ... : Bee Wildflower Seed Mix 5g, 10g, 15g and 20g with 27 variety in each pack to attract bees. Pay securely at our onine web shop or collect from us. 11/09/14
42. slings for sale : Brachypelma albobilosum 2cm 3 each Brachypelma albiceps 2cm 6 each Brachypelma emilia 2cm 4 each Brachypelma Smithi 2cm 4 each Brachypelma vagans 1cm 3 e ... 01/09/14
43. Adult Female Brachypelma Albopilosum : 30 posted 12/08/14
44. Poecilotheria Subfusca : Lovely ornamental tarantula. Great display species. These are 3-4cm span. 15 POSTED (Each) 12/08/14
45. P. Regalis Colonies : We have lots of P. Regalis colonies available. Great to watch them hunt together. All from the same egg sac and we have had great experience colonising this species. Neve ... 12/08/14
46. Spiderling Special : Hello, Our 'Sling Box Special' x1 A. versicolor (1-2cm) x1 Pumpkin Patch (1cm) x1 C. Fasciatum (1cm) x1 L. Parahybana (1-2cm) x2 B. Albopilosum (1-2cm) All t ... 21/07/14
47. Tarantulas : We have: x1 Adult Female Salmon Pink (includes x2 free curly hair slings and x1 pumpkin patch spiderling) 60 POSTED 21/07/14
48. Scorpion : Emporer scorpion for sale , 9 months old , good eater and placid , need a quick sale as I'm moving 20 04/07/14
49. Livefood For Sale ONLY 1.73 PerTub : All the livefood you would require all under one store, from tubs to bulk bags all at LOW LOW PRICES !!! Tubs 1.73 each. We now stock Dubia Roaches ! Check our price ... 18/06/14
50. Tarantulas : Captive bred, on grown 2cm,Brachypelma Smithi, (red knees) Quantity available, priced 20ea. contact name dwain. 11/06/14
51. The Midlands Creepy Crawly Show : Come along for a fun family day out . Sunday September 14th 2014. Parklands leisure centre and Brocks hill country park.Oadby Leicestershire. Lots of spiders insects ... 22/05/14
52. Stick insect new species ova : Anchiale maculata "Galela" Xenophasmina simile "Chiang Mai" Micadina Sp "Tay Yen Tu" Ramulus Sp "Tay Yen Tu" Parectatosoma cf ... 22/05/14
53. MEXICAN FIRELEG TARANTULA - BRACHYPELMA BOEHMEI 8... ... : MEXICAN FIRELEG TARANTULA - BRACHYPELMA BOEHMEI We became the owners of this spider on 03/09/2011, when we purchased it, it measured approx 1", it is now approx ... 05/05/14
54. New home offered : Am offering a new home for any unwanted * tarantulas * tree spiders * scorpions * praying mantids * certain stick insects 19/04/14
55. tarantula : I have a large female salmon pink female (lasiodora Parahybana) eats all including raw steak, loves mice. is in good health. will except 75, paypal only. includes d ... 16/03/14
56. achantia fulica white jade babies..4 cm shells.. : Achatina fulica white jades. .4cm..healthy little characters...2for 3 plus rmsd 6.95 and free hand warmer. .. 16/01/14
57. Exotic Animal Rescue - here to help : The Wild Animal Centre, Based in Derbyshire takes in all types of animals from all over the UK. The Wild Animal Centre has been rehoming animals for over 10 years and ... 08/11/13
58. Green Bottle Blue Tarantulas : I have the following tarantulas for sale. They come with their current housing. These are unsexed. Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) 2cm 19 each. 05/11/13
59. Tarantula Collection For Sale 100 : I have the following tarantulas for sale and all come with their current housing, most of which are plastic tubs. These are unsexed. Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Gre ... 05/11/13
60. Curly Hair Tarantula For Sale : For Sale: Sub-Adult Curly Hair Tarantula 25. Price includes set up of: tank, substrate, greenery and hiding logs. Great little beasty! Pictures available on request, ... 18/10/13
61. Green bottle blue : For sale With plastic tank Around 3 years old Gender unknown. Open to any offers 16/10/13
62. Collection for sale. : Lasiodoara parahybana 4" Grammostola porteri 5" Grammostola rosea 4.5" Pterinochilus murinus 2.5" Pterinochilus murinus 3" - SOLD Aphonopelma seemani 5.5" - SOLD Br ... 01/10/13
63. Leaf Cutting Ants for Sale : Colonies of Leaf Cutting Ants and their Display cases, made to measure, FOR SALE Atta cephalotes, small, medium and large, Acromyrmex octospionosis, small medium and lar ... 01/10/13
64. Leaf Cutting Ant Complete Nests For Sale : Hi, By way of introduction, most of the colonies of Atta cephalotes and Acromyrmex octospinosis sold around Europe over the past 10 - 15 years have been originally collec ... 01/10/13
65. B smithi : B smithi for sale 8cm leg span approx. 25 pp 7 25/09/13
66. P Mettalica : HI I have two P Mettalica's grown on slings for sale they are 45 each the post is 7.00 25/09/13
67. The Leicester Creepy Crawly Show : Sunday september 15th 10am until 4.30pm A great fun day out for all of the family. Lots of stalls lots of insects and spiders And a great show lined up by Bugfest ... 12/09/13
68. LOTS of indian stick insects : Hard to begin to count - 100 at least. Would be nice if they could be kept as pets but they are getting big, some half grown and I need to move them on before more eggs c ... 18/08/13
69. The Leicester Creepy Crawly Show : Come along to the leicester creepy crawly show September 15th Parklands Leisure Centre Washbrooke Lane,Off Wigston Road. Oadby,Leicester. 10am until 4.30pm If y ... 09/08/13
70. Pet Velvet Slugs Live Animals [Laevicaulis sp] : Velvet Slug [young/babies]. i do deals on multiples. easy cheap unusual pets, pic of adult and young, adults grow over 5 to 6cms, 5 for 6 pound deals on multiples ... 03/08/13
71. Hadrurus arizonensis for sale Essex : Some H.arizonensis(desert hairy) scorpions for sale in Essex 30 each or 50 a pair posted anywhere n the uk. Very easy to keep, make excellent display scorpions. They ar ... 08/07/13
72. Lots For Sale..... : Lots of new stock on our website: 26/06/13
73. looking for insect and spider suppliers : Hi i'm looking for insect and spider suppliers to hold stalls at the Leicester creepy crawly show.September 15th . if you would like to hold a stall please visit www.tro ... 22/06/13
74. Tarantulas in stock : Avicularia versicolor (Martinique pink toe) Brachypelma albopilosum (curly hair) Brachypelma auratum (Mexican flame knee) Bravhypelma boehmei (Mexican fire leg) Brach ... 05/06/13
75. Leicester creepy crawly show : Sunday September 15th 2013. Still need butterfly and other insect stalls Parklands leisure centre wigston road. Oadby Leicester. come along for a fun day out. ... 01/06/13

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