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  Pedigree Snowshoe Kittens & Cats

Pedigree Snowshoe Kittens & Cats  Pedigree Snowshoe Kittens & Cats  Pedigree Snowshoe Kittens & Cats  Pedigree Snowshoe Kittens & Cats  Pedigree Snowshoe Kittens & Cats  

Adorable people orientated cats and kittens available to loving pet homes.

They are cousins of the siamese and always have beautiful blue eyes and known for their white feet.

These cats are intelliegent, social and have a need to be touched attitude. They are dog like in character and love to mix with other animals and adore family homes.

GCCF Registered, vaccinated, Insured, vet checked with kitten pack, 5 gen pedigree and they are fully litter and scratching post trained.

Prices depends on pattern and bloodlines. I have very rare colours and patterns and my cats are known internationally.

Colourpoints (no white, like old style siamese) and Harlequins (mostly white cats) are £400

Bicolours (mix of white and colour) £450-£500 (can be shown)

Classic show pattern (white vee on face andwhite feet and shaded body)Show quality £550

I have young adults available neutered, vaccinated with papers and vet checked (usually there are around 2 years old) for £250 - donation is given to Snowshoe Cat Welfare

Current Cats available:

Aphrodite, Seal Bicolour 2 yr old- £250
Star, Rare caramel Tortie 2 yr old-£250

Current Kittens avialble:
Sparky, Rare Apricot Bicolour-6mths£250
Pedra, rare caramel Tortie- 6mths £250
Astra, Blue Tortie Bicolour 5mths £400

Jabba, Seal show pattern male available end Jan 4mths old £450

See website and Facebook for up to date news and pictures:
01752 301999

Contact Kelly
Tel 07779343013
Town plymouth
County devon

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