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  sQUID Land at TANGTASTIC AQUATICS fish and accessories for 1.00


sQUID Land is now open at TANGTASTIC AQUATICS.

sQUID Land will offer a variety of fish and accessories for only 1.00.

sQUID Land will vary the fish available for 1.00 so it could be anything from a platy to angelfish to a rainbow fish and many many more the range will keep increasing!!!!!!!!!

Accessories (will be increasing)

Activated Carbon
Bio Balls
Filter Matting
Ceramic Media
Peat - for Amphibians/Reptiles
Moss - for Amphibians/Reptiles
Fish nets
Fish food
10ft Air line
2 x Air stones and 1 x airline splitter

sQUID Land will not divulge the fish species that are on offer at any particular time so a visit is a must.

sQUID Land.
Helping the fish keeper on a budget.

Please see website for winter opening hours.

Contact Darren
Tel 01922 743392
Town Walsall
County West Midlands

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