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Apologies, but this site is closing down end of July. Thank you for your patronage.

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  The world of fish and pets , Birmingham

The world of fish and pets , Birmingham  

We are a Reptile, Aquatic , pet shop located 10 mins from Birmingham airport and NEC
We have new stock coming in each week this week 13/08/2013 we have in

Juvenille Iguana
Jacksons Chameleons
Panther Chameleons
Fischers Chameleons
Blue eyed pygmy Chameleons
Yemen Chameleons
Bearded dragons
Bosc Monitors
Earless dragons
Leopard Geckos
Crested Geckos
Cave Gecko
Water Skinks
Cane Toads
Plus loads more
Loads of snakes including
corn snakes† from £40 we have bloods,ghosts,amel stripes,amel,butter corns,fire,
hondurain milks,mexican black king snakes,cali kings
cb royal python, cb common boas, salmon boa, hognose, carpet pythons
Emperor scorpions, Tarantulas, centipedes

We also sell loads of birds and Parrots , small animals including rare pets like Doormice, squirrels

We have new Aquatic stock coming in weekly with rare and unusual fish being stocked we have alot of super delta dumbo eared siamese fighting fish

our website is

Contact suzanne
Tel 01216034325
Town birmingham
County West Midlands

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