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  M & L Pets World - Your one stop pet shop in Wrexham


Your one stop pet shop in Wrexham...
Our well stocked and locally renowned pet shop in Wrexham stocks a wide range of pets, accessories, food and housing so you can get everything you need for your pet in one convenient place. Gwersyllt Shopping Precinct offers FREE parking and a useful array of local shops, so while you're visiting us, why not get the shopping in?

Please remember: A pet is for life....
A new pet will bring joy into your home and smiles to everyone's faces. Before you choose a pet though, you should research thoroughly all of its care needs. The expert and friendly staff at M&L Pets World will be happy to talk about everything you need to consider, so you know exactly what to expect and what you're letting yourself in for!

To help you, M&L Pets World have produced a range of specialist care sheets for new pet owners, some of which can be found on our site. Alternatively, just call into the shop in Gwersyllt for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

The team at M&L Pets World
We have staff who are highly trained and qualified in Animal Care. M&L Pets World is a fully licensed pet shop and is regularly inspected by our Local Authority to ensure the high quality of care our animals receive is second to none.

All of our animals come from qualified, reputable breeders so you can be sure that your pet has had a healthy, happy start in life. Our staff are qualified in Animal Care and all have one thing in common ~ A love of animals, and of their job.

Choosing you new pet...
A rabbit is an ideal pet for your family. Friendly, playful and fun, they can be easily litter-trained and with a small amount of 'bunny-proofing', can be just as suited to living in your home as outdoors.

M&L Pets World stock everything you need to house, feed and care for your rabbit including toys, indoor and outdoor houses and complete foods.

Hamsters & Rats
Hamsters & rats make ideal pets for young and old alike. As hamsters are nocturnal, sleeping through the day and most active during the evenings, they are a good choice for people who are at work or school during the day. Requiring less care than larger pets, they are relatively easy and inexpensive to care for although they should be given plenty of attention if they are to get used to being handled without biting. We stock a full range of cages, toys, food and accessories for your small furry friend. We also offer complete 'starter kits' including the animal of your choice and everything you need to settle him in at home.

Birds can be entertaining pets, often learning to talk or mimic everyday sounds such as telephones ringing to keep you on your toes! We stock a large range of bird care accessories, including cages, aviary equipment, food and toys to keep your bird happy and occupied. Our knowledgable staff will tell you all you need to know about preparing to keep one of these fascinating pets at home.

M&L Pets World stock a range of goldfish and accessories ideal for first-time fishkeepers or for topping up your collection.

For an amazing selection of tropical and coldwater fish, tanks, nd every possible accessory, decoration and healthcare solution in the largest, best stocked aquatic centre in Wrexham (if not in North Wales) visit our specialist aquarium store Jaydee Aquatics.

Contact Liam Bolland
Tel 01978 755 955
Town Buckley
County Flintshire
Website ...

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