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1. Desert Hairy Scorpion at CML Aquatics, Pets And Ga... ... : desert hairy scorpion for sale only 32.99 a lovely fiesty little thing lol were open 6 days a week mon - sat 9-5pm and you can join us on facebook at https://www.facebo ... 21/05/13
2. Forest Scorpion at CML Aquatics, Pets And Gardens : Indoneasian Forest Scorpion for sale at CML Aquatics in chesterfield, only 19.99 eating well on crickets and locust, call in and see us as weve got loads of different pe ... 20/05/13
3. Tarantulas for sale in medway : Green bottle blue tarantula for sale 3inch across 25 Brazilian black 3 inches across 30 Togo star burst 3 inches across 25 Adult chillie rose 25 Also a desert sc ... 07/05/13
4. Lots of new stock : Lots of new stock listed on our site over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled 29/04/13
5. Spiders and insects at the Leicester creepy crawly... ... : Leicester creepy crawly show September 15th 2013 Parklands leisure centre Oadby Leicester Family fun day. Lots of stalls. Lots of insects spiders butterflies snake ... 13/04/13
6. tarantula juvenile Nhandu chromatus : 24.99 Lovely spidey, comes with its enclosure 6"x4"x4" perspex enclosure bought from house of spiders Its unsexed Its about 8cm legspan Lovely colours. 09/04/13
7. tarantula subadult Poecitheria oranata : 30 Unsexed but suspected female Absolute beauty, lovley coloration. 09/04/13
8. tarantula-juvenile spidey : 24.99 This is a beauty, black with green, yellowish hair I have no idea which species this is, was bought as a Nhandu coloratovillosus but as it molted the colour of ... 09/04/13
9. VARIOUS TARANTULAS FOR SALE G PORTERI - P METALLIC... ... : Grammostola Porteri (Chilean rose) Unsexed sub adults 17.50 Adult Female Grammastola Rosea 27.50 Mature Male Grammastola Rosea 20.00 Breeding Pair of Grammostol ... 30/03/13
10. tarantula-spiderling Singapore blue : 30 This lovely spidey is starting to show its blue coloration Unsexed Comes with its enclosure 6"4"4" bought from house of spiders. 24/03/13
11. tarantula-spiderling Singapore blue : 30 This lovely spidey is starting to show its blue coloration Unsexed Comes with its enclosure 6"4"4" bought from house of spiders. 24/03/13
12. Beautiful female Chilean pink tarantula with fully... ... : I have for sale a beautiful female Chilean pink tarantula with fully equipped glass and plastic terraruim small terraruim transport. Spider Idel for the novice breeder, ... 15/03/13
13. books : i have for sale three tarantula books, tarantulas as a new pet by barbara reger{tfh},the proper care of tarantulas by ann webb {tfh} andarachnomania by philippe de vosjol ... 13/03/13
14. MM P.Cambridgei : I have a MM P. Cambridgei, wanting to sell/swap or 50/50 loan him, or looking to buy an AF P.Cambridgei! 12/03/13
15. Giant Hissers : Great, low maintenance pets for adults & children.. Very easy to handle & entertaining to watch. They're also very cheap & easy to keep. Can live upto 5 years ... 03/03/13
16. Rare Insects etc : Phyllocrania paradoxa 4 L2 4.50 L3 5 L4 Only a few left!! Oxyopsis gracilis L2 2.50 L5/L6 3.50 Only a few left!! Sphodromantis viridis L2/L3 2.50 Lots available! ... 19/01/13
17. Stick Insect Kits : Our popular stick insect kits come complete with 1 cylinder cage (either small or medium), 1 water container for foodplant and 5 baby stick insects. (if purchasing from o ... 19/01/13
18. Female Pokies : Adult female P. regalis 45 Adult female P. Formosa 45 Sub adult female P. Ornata 40 100 for all 3. Can provide there tubs for no extra cost also. Email for a ... 07/01/13
19. Haplopelma Lividum (Cobalt Blue) : Selling an adult female Haplopelma Lividum also called Cobalt Blue. It's a great looking spider but very aggressive, therefore not recommended for beginners. It comes wit ... 02/12/12
20. Poecilotheria Ornata (Indian Ornamental Spider) : For sale a beautiful female adult Poecilotheria Ornata with a glass tank and lid 25cmx25cmx45cm (DxHxW). Due to the size of the tank postage is not possible. I can delive ... 02/12/12
21. Invert List Available : Established 1999 Worcester Reptiles now has an online store. We are able to take payments by Credit/Debit cards and Paypal. Courier Delivery Available All tubs of li ... 01/12/12
22. Tarantulas in stoke : Tarantulas for sale in Stoke on Trent. Call round for a look contact me on 07952346699 Thanks Andy 20/11/12
23. Avicularia avicularia and any Brachypelma species ... ... : Any Avicularia avicularia and ANY Brachypelma's wanted to buy , any age considered but slings preferred. John 23/10/12
24. Florida Katydids : Giant Florida Katydid, Stilpnochlora couloniana, easy to keep but needs a tall container, keep warm and humid, feed on Buddleia and Bramble, but will take many other leav ... 04/10/12
25. Deluxe Stick Insect Cages : Deluxe Stick Insect Cages & Professional Snail Centres available at EXAMPLE: Deluxe Stick Insect Cages The MIC cage is a very practical sti ... 23/09/12
26. Rosy Tarantula Spider : Adult female Rosy Tarantula spider for sale 40.00 14/09/12
27. Poecilotheria Fasciata - Sti Lanka Ornamental : Hi there all, Due to my GF have to sell my gorgeous P.Fasciata female.. She is almost fully grown.. Ready for mating and feeding well.. She has been with me for last ... 09/09/12
28. Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches 50p each : I have a small quantity of Madagascan Hissing Cockroach Nymphs for 50p each, they are between 1" and 2" long Postage and Packing is 2.50 I accept Paypal, Postal Orde ... 06/09/12
29. Spiderlings For Sale : x9 Mexican redknee 2cm+ 10 each x4 curly hair 2cm+ 10 each x6 salmon pink 2cm+ 10 each x9 mexican red rump 2cm+ 10 each Any Two for 15... ---------------------- ... 01/09/12
30. mantis list..17/08/2012 : Metal violaceus L6 Metal splendidus L5/6 Hypsiocorypa L4 Idolomantis L1/2/3 Parathepsis L2/3 M. violaceus - for couple - 60 M. splendidus - for couple - 70 ... 17/08/12
31. few more mantis in stock : Metal mantis,parathepsis,hypsiocorypha,idolomantis. Email me on [email protected] For information and prices, Brandan 16/08/12
32. tarantulas : tarantulas for sale. all spiders are bred by me! white knee lrg juv 23 white striped bird eater juv 22 tiger rump 20 sub adult brazilian pink sub adult 35 ... 15/08/12
33. solygia sulcatifrons : solygia sulcatifrons 20 pcs / 50 Not often for sale!! Contact via here or [email protected] Brandan. 07/08/12
34. Idolomantis Diabolica : L1/L2 mixed. 100 pcs = 300 10 pcs = 40 Contact on here or [email protected] Over mantis maybe available. 07/08/12
35. 100s of Tarantulas and other merchandise for sale : We have a huge selection of tarantulas for sale. We also sell the best selling tarantula book and personalised engraved tarantula glasses for those special occasions. ... 07/08/12
36. spider job lot : I have the following spiders for sale. Female subadult giant white knee Female adult chillian red Female adult chilli flame Curley hair spiderling White knee spide ... 27/07/12
37. Leicester creepy crawly show : This show will now take place next year.anyone wishing to hold a stall please email myself.we shall be looking at September time. Insects spiders amphibians and reptile ... 14/07/12
38. Dubia roach - colonies for sale 15 adult pairs + 1... ... : Dubia roach starter colony 15 breeding pairs (15 adult male & 15 adult female) + 100 mixed (35 each S,M & L (0.8cm to 2.0cm) - PRICE 25 + 3 postage (extra 3 for gua ... 08/07/12
39. Dubia roaches - 100 x small(1cm) or med(1.5cm) or ... ... : Hi, I have loads of Dubia for sale:- 125 x Small 1cm; 10.99 85 x Med 1.5cm; 10.99 55 x Large 2cm; 10.99 85 Mixed (25ea x S,M&L); 10.99 30 x Adult Females; ... 08/07/12
40. WTB: Giant land snails an breed : Im looking to buy some land snails. Im looking to buy 4 or 5. Im in scotland, if anyone can help, please email me and i will get straight back, thanks xxx 15/06/12
41. Various tarantulas. : Can post any of these at buyers cost. I'd estimate special delivery cost at 7 plus 1 for each extra spider. If it was less I would refund the difference. Can also do ... 13/06/12
42. brachypelma smithi slings 1cm (mexicam red knee) : for sale B.Smithi slings there 1cm leg span selling for 4 for 1 30 for 10 more discount for larger numbers 11/06/12
43. Leicester creepy crawly show : I'm looking at organising a insect spider snake...etc.exhibition. Some time in September. If you are interested in having a stall please let me know. It will be about 1 ... 10/06/12
44. Wanted - Stick Insects : I'm looking for various stick insect species to keep as pets. I currently keep the Giant Australian Stick Insects and have fallen in love with them! I have seen plenty ... 05/06/12
45. Metallic pink toe for sale : Avicularia metallica 4 inch legspan female for sale 50.00 can post rmsd next day for 7.50 or collection from ipswich, paypal taken. 22/05/12
46. Pure bred black wingf deaths head cockroach nymphs... ... : Pure bred black wing deaths head cockroach nymphs x8 7.99 4.50 p+p first class recorded delivery sign for, feed on dry dog biscuits and frut and veg. 17/05/12
47. chili rose and full set up : Chili rose tarrantula and full set up 2ft viv lock and key, substrate, strip light, night glo spot lamp, exo terra hide and water dish Open to offers Email or text ... 16/05/12
48. Salmon Pink Bird Eater for sale. : " Lucky " is an unsexed 6- 7 inch Lasidora Parahybana - Salmon Pink Bird Eating Tarantula offered for sale. As stated "she" is unsexed & believed to be about 18 months ol ... 11/05/12
49. Lots of true spiders and tarantulas for sale. : Porrhothele antipodiana large juvi/sub adults x2 - 20 each Segestria florentina grown on slings/juvis x2 - 10 each Segestria florentina Adults x2 - 20 each Uliodon. ... 10/05/12
50. baby giant african land snails : baby giant african land snails for sale 1 for 10 babys call tom. 27/04/12
51. 300 Dubia for 25 : 300 dubia of varying sizes for a bargain 25 including postage, ideal starter colony. High nutritional value, no smell, and breed like mad, you'll never need to buy any ... 22/04/12
52. Slings For Sale. Can post : I have the following spiderlings for sale: - 2 Grammostola rosea {ncf} Chile Rose 2-3cm 10 each - 2 Brachypelma albiceps / Mexican golden red rump tarantula 1-2 ... 22/04/12
53. swap 22 norica dragon air rifle : do a deal for some ts slings or sub adults comes with case and pellits email down give me a ring on 01706340 138 14/04/12
54. Pink Toed Trantula For Sale : Pink toed trantula female for sale around 2yrs old comes with decorated vivarium but no heat pads.Contact Derrick in Lincoln on 07432095997 40. 01/04/12
55. Tarantula collection for sale Cheshunt, Herts : Tarantula collection for sale: Adult female Mexican Red Knee (brachypelma smithi) with plastic enclosure: 85 Adult female Mexican Fire Leg (brachypelma boehmei) wi ... 29/03/12
56. TARANTULA FOR SALE : SMALL HAND PUPPET9" LONG1.9 OZWith its creepy crawly front legs and realistic fur, this tarantula is both fascinating and freaky at the 28/03/12
57. INDIAN STICK INSECTS (With or without setups) : I currently have some young Indian stick insects for sale, they are approximately 1 inch long growing to 8-9cm, all you need to keep them is a vented transparent tub some ... 27/03/12
58. Poecilotheria metallica adult female for sale : I have a very nice adult female P Metallica for sale, proven breeder. Concentrating more on reptiles now but still want her to go to a good home. Please contact via e ... 27/03/12
59. tarantula (slings) for sale : I have a number of chaco gold knee and tiger rump tarantula slings for sale.... Tiger rump slings 6 each. Chaco gold knee slings 8 each. Due to the cold weather I am no ... 08/03/12
60. Tarantulas And Snakes For Sale | Boas Red Knees Sa... ... : Hiya. I have the following for sale: (Snakes are at the bottom) T's: AF = Adult Female SA = Sub Adult All eating and shedding well and come with set up but no ... 19/02/12
61. madeira golden cockroaches nymphs x 20 8.50+ 4.5... ... : madeira golden cockroaches x20 8.50 unusual tap to tell young to feed,they look after their babies until almost adult,they can also squeak, x20 8.50 +4.50 recorded fir ... 13/02/12
62. 1000s of Tarantulas For Sale : Come and visit our new website! We have hundreds of different species to offer you. Our stock is updated on a weekly basis so if your looking for something in particular ... 13/02/12
63. 4 tarantulas for sale : I am downsizing my collection due to living in USA half the year and have 4 tarantulas for sale. All adults. I think they are all female, too scared to get close an f ... 06/02/12
64. wanted or cheap or free slings : hi im looking for any unwanted slings either for free or cheap please contact me with whatever you have and how many, must be able to post at my expense of course thanks 04/02/12
65. roach and insect feeder : Feeder for Roaches, crickets, locust, mealworms and other insects. Ingredients : Cereals, meat, vegetables, minerals and vitamins. Protein 33% Fats and oils 7.5% Ash 8 ... 23/01/12
66. Emperor Scorpion : WANTED Emperor Scorpion hi im looking for anyone who is selling any emperor scorpions im in the hull york and bridlington area please let me know thanks. 23/01/12
67. maderae golden cockroaches : golden cockroaches approx 10 all sizes 6.00 + 4.50 first class recorded sign for. silverfish2 15/01/12
68. We can rehome your unwanted roaches : Hi guys we are a breeder of cockroaches, We have over 6 million roaches and can rehome any unwanted roaches you have. rehomed roaches are never sold they are only ever ad ... 12/01/12
69. 100 Medium Dubia Roaches : 100 Medium dubia roaches, ideal feeder insect low chitin high meat content can be gut loaded with anything do not smell make no noise Get a bargain now 100 for ... 12/01/12
70. 100 Adult Dubia 50/50 : We are a breeder of feeder and pet cockroaches and are offering 100 Adult Dubia roaches for the amazing price of just 15 12/01/12
72. quality live food : Top quality live food for competitive prices, superworms 500ml 11.60, Locusts large (50) 7, mealworms 1kg 15. In bigger order deal on price. 08/12/11
73. Slings for sale : Here is what slings we have for sale. Updated list and prices. Chilean Rose - Grammostola Rosea. Size 2/2.5cm Price 3 Chaco golden stripe knee - Grammost ... 01/12/11
74. RARE CENTIPEDES : Hi Im selling to very hard to come by centipedes. They are both great feeders and stunning to watch eat. care should be taken and these centipedes dont come up ofen. p ... 25/11/11
75. 1500+ Tarantulas for sale : We have over 1500 spiders in stock. We specialise in spiderlings/ juveniles and we also have a large stock of true spiders. Please drop us an email with species you ar ... 20/11/11

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