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 COME AND SEE THE THE WORLD OF FISH AND PETS : Come and see the huge Iguana's viv with waterfall the shop is Africian themed so is completly different to any other shop about We specialise in Tarantulas with alot being bred by us and can offer a wealth of knowledge if you need any help start ...23/04/17

1. Terrapins Now in stock. : Just arrived Baby Reeves Turtles only £25.00 each.Baby common Musk Turtles £29.00 each Maps Hyroglyphics Red and Yellow Bellied Terrapins and Cumberland Sliders All just ... 24/11/16
2. Brazilian Rainbow Boas REDUCED : A & B available £80 each. Born 6 Sept 2016, ready now. If interested a non refundable deposit of £20 will be required to hold each one. Buyer to collect from Rugby CV21 4 ... 20/11/16
3. SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS vivariums and stands : We manurfacture vivariums, hoods and aquarium stands for trade and retail. We have a standard stock range but are able to make up to any size. We use an 18mm MFC b ... 16/11/16
4. False Water Cobras : 1.1 False Water Cobras for sale. Male is 3 and a half years old and approximately 5-6ft long. Female is 3 years old and about 5-5 and a half ft long. They are both feedi ... 05/11/16
5. Reptiles, Amphibians in Stock,vivariums and access... ... : We have had an expansion! new bio-active vivarium set ups. Lots of live plants in stock such as Bromeliads, ferns etc. we have a great selection of unusual lizards,and ... 04/11/16
6. Tiny Horsefield Tortoises : Horsefield’s tortoises are a popular choice for beginners.They can withstand the cold better than many other species of tortoise and this makes them a very a smart choice ... 31/10/16
7. Baby Corn snakes With FULL SET UP : AVAILABLE LIST UPDATED !! CB2016 Hatchlings Only 7 Left :) 0.1 Female Carolina HET Anery Charcoal Diffused Poss Amel- £15 1.0 Male Carolina HET Anery Charcoal Diffuse ... 30/10/16
8. Cosy Tortoises-All sizes Pine Tortoise Tables made... ... : Cosy Tortoises-All sizes Pine Tortoise Tables made to order. Please contact us for a free quote 24/10/16
9. Adult Female Ebony Uromastyx For Sale £175 : I have for sale a Female Ebony Uromastyx, she is over 6 years old and has a typical Ebony Uro temperament (feisty with a capital F!). She is healthy and is approximately ... 22/10/16
10. Coffee Table type Tortoise homes. : we have in stock several custom built coffee table vivariums Ideal for young Tortoises. Prices start from just £95.00 for smaller ones and £175.00 for the larger version ... 15/10/16
11. Northern Water Snake : Female Northern Water Snake for sale. She is 3-4 years old. She is feeding well, shedding and pooing fine. £30 Collection Swindon or courier at buyers expense. 14/10/16
12. Cosy Tortoises-Custom Tortoise Tables and Houses : Cosy Tortoises-Custom Tortoise Tables and Houses are available from Cosy Tortoises. 11/10/16
13. Musk Turtles x 2 : 2 Musk turtles for sale, selling because their growing and i dont want to get a bigger tank. Both about 3 to 4 inch. I reckon theirs 1 male and female but cant be sure. A ... 24/09/16
14. Turtles in stock : musk turtles £32.99 2/£60. 20/09/16
15. Bull Snake & Viv : Bull Snake 8 months old, comes with 36" wooden vivarium & heat mat. Now only £50. Collection Only tel gillian 01962 856753 or email - [email protected] ... 20/09/16
16. Yellow Anacondas : 1.1 CB14 Yellow Anacondas for sale. They are approximately 5-6ft in length. They are feeding well, shedding and pooing fine. £225 for the pair. Collection Swindon o ... 17/09/16
17. Cosy Tortoises- Domes for Tortoises : Domes for tortoises and other reptiles. 08/09/16
18. 2 bearded dragons to good home : i have to dragons and all the housing lights etc etc had them from when they were babys , my son has lost interest and I'm not willing to take them on myself lol ! plea ... 07/09/16
19. loving home offered : Good loving home offered to any unwanted reptiles, amphibians,snakes lizards , iggys tegus bearded dragons and inverts and equipment large or small even agressive snake ... 06/09/16
20. Western Hognose Snakes (Various Available) : I have adult male and female Hognoses, all proven breeders plus 2015 - 2016 hatchlings available (photos available on request) Adult male 66% het pink pastel albino 74 ... 04/09/16
21. Leopard Gecko Hatchlings : I have various Leopard Gecko hatchlings available from 4-12 weeks old. All incubated for female - photos available on request. Mostly mack snow tremper albinos, plus o ... 04/09/16
22. 8 dart frogs plus 3ft exo terra viv : 3ft exo terra. fully bio active. with lots of. plants and decor light canopy and fully working drip wall plus around 9 dart frogs showing signs of breeding 400 pound no ... 28/08/16
23. freckled monitor breeding pair : for sale is my very healthy pair of freckled monitors eating all insects very well these can be handled but are fast these are ideal if you dont want a large monitor liza ... 28/08/16
24. Frozen and live foods, Rodents : Hi we stock a full range of BCUK frozen products. We also manufacture bespoke tanks and vivariums. Rodent lists Pinkies fuzzies small mices £18.50 per 50 medi ... 21/08/16
25. Royal Pythons and Boas Discounts on Quantities : We have over stocked on Royal pythons and we need some space. Adult Males £69.00 Females £99.00 This years Baby common Boas £49.00 each.Adult 2013 Boas now only £89.00 ... 21/08/16
26. Cosy Tortoises-Grow your Own Tortoise Food-Mega mi... ... : Cosy Tortoises-Grow your Own Tortoise Food-Mega mix seeds 20/08/16
27. Ornamental Wood Turtles Now in stock. : 2 pairs of Large Ornamental Wood Turtles ( Rhinoclemies Pulcharina )Now in Stock Males and females easilly sexable good bright colours £89.00 each. Delivery £45.00 to yo ... 06/08/16
29. Zebra Woma Pythons "Don Patterson line"C... ... : This is a unique opportunity to acquire this beautiful pair. Both animals are in flawless condition and ready to breed this next season. I paid £600 for these as grown o ... 30/07/16
30. snow corns : I have snow corns for sale @ £15 00 each. They were hatched on 27th july, and are all feeding on pinkies 29/07/16
31. hypo translucent bearded dragons for sale.(male an... ... : I current have 2 dragons (male and female) and they're 8 months old. They are very friendly and well trained. They weigh 238 and 230 grams respectively. For more inquirie ... 22/07/16
32. Cosy Tortoises-NEW Rock Pool for Tortoises and oth... ... : These bowls have been designed for tortoises making them ideal water bowls because the size and depth are ideal for water baths. They have a shallow slope at the front t ... 22/07/16
33. Captive Bred Yellow Bellied Toads For Sale (Bombin... ... : 30-50 yellow bellied toads (Bombina variegata) available over the coming few weeks. Hatched May/June. Feeding really well on hatchling crickets. Great species. Care Sh ... 21/07/16
34. Young Axolotls : Young axolotls available - 2-3 inches long, eating well. Taking live or dead bloodworm, live daphnia and have taken small slithers of ox heart. Healthy and lively. The eg ... 07/07/16
35. Unusual tanks and vivariums for sale. : 1 )Here is a custom built all glass Aquarium and stand in a Black finish it comes with a light heater and filter the Whole unit for just £195.00 .(2) A Jewell trigon 19 ... 06/07/16
36. Terrapins, Turtles & Poison Arrow Frogs : We have a superb range of turtles, terrapins and very special tree frogs available from stock. The Reptilarium also have the ability to create a vivarium of practicall ... 06/07/16
37. Wanted Adult Redfoot Tortoise : I am looking for adult Redfoot Tortoise. Must be UK based and have smooth carapace. 01/07/16
38. Yemen chameleon and full set up : For sale is our male Yemen chameleon and large Exo terra viv complete 36"x18"x24" with black stand with glass doors ,dual top light canopy heat mat, stat , ... 28/06/16
39. Sub-Adult Corn Snakes for Sale (Nottingham) : I'm looking for good homes for my young corn snakes, sadly I don't have the space to comfortably house them all or time they need. I ask for £5 each, the money goes strai ... 24/06/16
40. Australian Pink Bellied short neck Turtles For Sal... ... : Emydura Subglobosa.Adults for sale @ £150.00 each.We have 1 male and 1 female for sale .This beautiful and rare species are stunning They are bred in Holland and Germany ... 21/06/16
41. red or yellow ear turtles wanted : Hi has any body got any turtles that they are lookingto rrehome? If so please contact me Many thanks 14/06/16
42. Male bearded dragon & full set up. : Friendly male bearded dragon estimated about 3yrs old with full set up and spare heat bulb and UV lights. Viv size: Tall 47 in, Width 35in,Depth 23.5in,was purchased last ... 12/06/16
43. FREE TO GOOD HOME 2 BEARDED DRAGONS : I have two bearded dragons who need a new home as I am moving. One girl aged 4 and one boy aged 3. No vivarium as built in. Need to go as soon as possible. No time waster ... 03/06/16
44. Horsefield tortoise for sale : Horsefield tortoise for sale aplrox 3 inch in size now ready for there new homes 80 each Tortoise and tortoise table £140 2 x tortoise and table £200 02/06/16
45. Cosy Tortoises- Sphagum Moss for reptiles NOW in S... ... : Cosy Tortoises- Sphagum Moss for reptiles NOW in STOCK. Please follow the link to order. 02/06/16
46. Horsefield tortoise for sale : Horsefield tortoise for sale can also supply tortoise tables 23/05/16
47. Carpet pythons very high end : 1.0 daimond bredli jungle jag 2013 1.0 albino jag 2015 1.0 irian jaya 2015 1.0 striped caramel zebra jag rare one of a kind in uk 0.1 caramel zebra jag 2015 0.1 al ... 23/05/16
48. tortoise plus set up : 10 year old horsfield tortoise, plus 4ft open viv £120 23/05/16
49. Baby crested geckos : Lots of baby cresties for sale private breeder at home Many types out and ready Starting at £25 each Txt 07701070389 Emma 23/05/16
50. Large Terrapins to clear Now Just £10.00 each. : As probably the largest supplier of Terrapins and Turtle species in the country we often have some larger specimens returned to us for doing nothing more sinister than ou ... 17/05/16
51. Newts required for pond : Have just completed building a large dedicated Amphibian pond on my Farm. But would like to introduce Great Crested Newts, does anyone have any they need to relocate? Ple ... 16/05/16
52. 2 pairs of leopard geckos £40 the 4 : 2 pairs for sale none related approx 2 years old, not handled much bar when cleaning out. wont deliver collection only and leopard geckos only no set up 12/05/16
53. Tortoises Available : " Aldabra , Red Food , Russian , Geometric, Star(India), Leopard , African Spur(Sulcata), Radiated , Horsefield tortoise , " Hi, I am a captive breeder of t ... 10/05/16
54. Corn snakes + Large Viv : X5 corn snakes all healthy and eating well really friendly,there is two proven breeding pairs + Large Viv and two small vivs all with sliding doors,, lock and key,deco,or ... 06/05/16
55. White High Gloss Vivarium 30 X 15 X 15 inches : I am open to offers. It was made by a Vivarium manufacturer called coral aquariums and is brand new, ideally looking for anything over £40. 26/04/16
56. 2 horsefield tortoises for sale inc tortoise table : 2 horsefield tortoises for sale, both under 2 years of age Comes with tortoise table, lamp, tortoise life soil, bedding and calcium powder £200 25/04/16
57. Young pair Male Ambleobe Red Bar Panther Chamelio... ... : We have in stock a young male Ambliobe Red Bar Panther Chamelions for sale @ £175.00 .we also have a 1 year old Female Red bar (unrelated) Chameleon @ £150.00.Other Cham ... 24/04/16
58. Royal Python collection for sale : RELUCTANT SALE Need to sell due to unforeseen circumstances. Pied het Caramel M - £600 Banana Mystic M - £400 Pastel Enchi 66% het Clown F - £150 Clown M - £225 ... 21/04/16
59. DWARF SUN GAZER LIZARDS/PAIR ONLY BEARDED DRAGONS/... ... : Dwarf Sun Gazer Lizards £60 each 2 left Pair Only Bearded Dragons £100 (proven pair male and female) Herman's Tortoise £120 each 2 left or £399.99 with full set up ... 21/04/16
60. TURNERS GECKO/WHITES TREE FROG/PAC MAN FROG @PETWA... ... : Turners Gecko £50 1 left Whites Tree Frog £30 1 left Pac Man Frog(Albino Horned Frog) £35 each 2 left PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] ... 21/04/16
61. BERBER SKINKS PAIR ONLY @PETWAREHOUSE : These Berber Skinks are a pair only and will not be sold seperate. £65 for pair PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] WE DON'T OFFER A ... 21/04/16
62. COASTAL CARPET PYTHON/ROYAL PYTHON/ALBINO BURMESE ... ... : Coastal Carpet Python £99.99 Female cb11 Royal Python £120.00 Female Albino Burmese Python £170 each 2 left PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 PETWARE ... 19/04/16
63. Green Iguana with or without set up @petwarehouse : Green Iguana with out set up £120 with set up £400 Tame feeds well sheds well Great lizard to keep.. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] ... 19/04/16
64. INDIAN SAND BOA/BABY CORN SNAKE/GREEN GARTER SNAKE... ... : Indian Sand Boa £120 1 left Baby Corn Snake cb16 £45 1 left Green Garter Snake £45 1 left PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] W ... 19/04/16
65. DWARF RETICULATED PYTHON/ARGENTINE RAINBOW BOA/ALB... ... : Dwarf Reticulated Python £120 each 2 left only 3 weeks old Argentine Rainbow Boa £80 each 4 left 2 males 2 females Pastel-Dream-Lavender-Albino Boa £350 1 left P ... 19/04/16
66. HYPOMELANISTIC CORN SNAKE/SPECKLED KING SNAKE/COMM... ... : Hypomelanistic Corn Snake £64.99 1 left Speckled King Snake £75 1 left Common Boa £120 1 left PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] ... 19/04/16
67. CORN SNAKES PAIR ONLY/DESERT KING SNAKE/PASTEL BOA... ... : Pair Only Corn Snakes £130 1 male 1 female (proven) Desert King Snake £69 1 left Pastel Boa £79.99 1 left PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 PETWAREHOU ... 19/04/16
68. SUDAN PLATED LIZARD/CHINESE WATER DRAGONS @PETWARE... ... : Sudan Plated Lizard Hand Tame £50 each 2 left Chinese Water Dragons £40 each 2 left Hand Tame PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] ... 19/04/16
69. Giant Salcata tortoises : Hi I've 3 Salcata tortoises for sale two are approx 5yrs old and the third is about 2yrs old. These were my kids pets but they are going to uni soon so no time looking ... 17/04/16
70. Wanted small snake : Wanted small snake as just starting out in the hobby. 05/04/16
71. Tortoise Hermanns Hatchlings : Hermanns hatchlings for sale - lively with beautiful markings. Experienced tortoise owner for last 37 years. Incubated to be females - males can get very aggressive dur ... 03/04/16
72. rough neck monitor £250 bargain : 3 year old rough neck monitor 3 ft long easy to handle very friendly .eats mice small rats and quail eggs . thought to be female very healthy fantastic lizard . I have be ... 26/03/16
73. Coffee tables converted to Tortois and Terrapin Ta... ... : Here are some pictures of some of our Coffee table tank conversions.Prices start at £125.00 including U V lights and Heat lamps.JUST IN a Light Bamboo Wicker coffee table ... 25/03/16
74. Adult & BabyTortoises for sale. : Hermann\'s Tortoises 6"male & 3 7" females 2009s £275.00 each Baby Hermans @ £110.00 each. Bary Horsefields @ £89.00 each. 2 year old Leopard Tortoises £125.00. Afric ... 25/03/16
75. Cosy Tortoises-Pet and Tortoise Insurance : Why pet insurance? Pet insurance is one of those things that pet owners often put off, but when a pet becomes ill, the vet fees can often become a real worry. Escalat ... 20/03/16

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