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1. Chickens For Sale : 2 Pair Black Silkies 2 Pair Gold Silkies 1 Pair Blue Silkies 1 Pair Lavendar Pekins 1 Pair White Silkies Trio White Silkies 1 Pair Lavenda ...05/04/10
2. Handreared lovebirds : Hand Reared From 7 Days Old, 100% Tame, Love Attention, Orange Faced Green Lutino Opaline Lovebirds Ayrshire Scotland05/04/10
3. Guinea Pigs : Free to good home. 2 males. Long haired. 1 brown, 1 black. Friendly and handled since birth. Comes with Pets at home large indoor cage.24/03/09
4. Norwegian Forest kittens : GCCF reg, vacc & insured, ready for new homes mid September. Pedigree certificate, litter and food packs provided. We have one red tabby and ...24/10/08

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