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1. Pedigree Labrador Puppies For Sale : Photos available. Unfortunately I am unable to load photos on here but I have some readily available. £800 each. We have 4 puppies ...22/06/17
2. Zebra + Bengelese Finches For Sale : All last year's young and ready to breed. All raised in a large aviary. Reduced in price to clear. ZEBRAS: Various colours. Cocks housed ...18/06/17
3. Little rescue kitten is seeking a loving home : Gorgeous rescue kitten is seeking a loving home. He is healthy (vet tested: FIV- and FeLV-negative), fully vaccinated, wormed, de-flea’d, mi ...06/11/16
4. Two rescue kittens seeking adoption : Two sweet little rescue kittens (both girls) are seeking loving homes, together or separately. They are healthy (vet tested: FIV- and FeLV-n ...06/11/16
5. Ridge Malakita Puppies For Sale : I have two puppies left. One boy and one girl. They are now coming up to 17 weeks of age and really need to find their new forever homes. Th ...28/10/16
6. loving home offered : Good loving home offered to any unwanted reptiles, amphibians,snakes lizards , iggys tegus bearded dragons and inverts and equipment large ...06/09/16
7. Black Labrador Puppies : Beautiful pedigree black Labrador puppies born 17th May (ready mid July) Mother is from a working background. A strong, healthy, much admir ...17/06/16
8. 3 Tropical Fish Stocklist: 10/02/16 : Sumatran Bumble Bee Catfish £3.99 Each Silver Dwarf Pangasius £3.99 5 for £15 Feather Fin Synodontis £4.99 Each Plecostomus £4.99 Each B ...16/02/16
9. 2 Tropical Fish Stocklist: 10/02/16 : Blue Rainbow Guppy Female £1.79 Each or 6 for £8 Leopard Half Black Guppy Male £2.25 or 5 for £10 Black Paradise Fish £3.99 Each Arnolds ...10/02/16
10. 1 Tropical Fish Stocklist: 10/02/16 : Neon Tetra £1.25 or 5 for £5 Black Widow Tetra £1.49 Black Neon Tetra £1.99 or 6 for £10 False Penguin Tetra £1.95 or 6 for £10 Rummy N ...10/02/16
11. Tarantulas larger than 6cm: 10/02/16 : Ephebopus uataman (Emerald Skeleton) x 1 £35 Grammostola rosea (Chile Rose, Red Colour Form) Male (x 1 Available) £25 Grammostola porteri ...23/12/15
12. Other Snakes: 10/02/16 : MILK SNAKES & KING SNAKES: CB15 Albino Nelsons Milk Snake Male £60 CB15 Variable King Snake Leonis Phase Male £70 CB15 Variable King Snak ...23/12/15
13. Cold Water Fish Stocklist: 10/02/16 : Black Comet £2.49 Black Moor £3.99 or 3 for £10 Red and White Lionhead Oranda £6.99 White Fantail £3.99 or 3 for £10 Sucking loac ...23/12/15
14. Tortoises & Turtles: 10/02/16 : TORTOISES: CB15 Hermann Tortoises Unsexed £110 Each CB15 Greek Spur Thigh Tortoises Unsexed £110 Each CB15 Marginated Tortoises Unsexed £ ...23/12/15
15. Amphibians: 10/02/16 : AMPHIBIANS: CB14 Green Horned Frogs Unsexed £40 Each CB15 Leucistic Axolotls Unsexed £20 Each Whites Tree Frogs Sub Adults £22 Each CB G ...23/12/15
16. Scorpions: 10/02/16 : SCORPIONS: Scorpio maurus (Large Clawed) £15 Heterometrus longimanus (Asian Forest) Unsexed £20 Hadrurus arizonensis (Desert Hairy) Mal ...23/12/15
17. Spiderlings Under 2cm: 10/02/16 : Brachypelma smithi (Mexican Red Knee) (x8 Available) £10 Each Chilobrachys dyscocus 'Cambodia' (x5 Available) £8 Each Chilobrachys fimbria ...23/12/15
18. Geckos: 10/02/16 : GECKOS: CB15 Bibron Gecko £15 CB15 Crested Geckos Unsexed £50 Each CB15 Garagoyle Geckos Unsexed £70 Each CB15 Banded Leaf Toed Gecko U ...23/12/15
20. Boa Constrictors: 10/02/16 : CB09 Columbian Rainbow Boa Male £80 *OFFER £75*23/12/15
21. Male Royal Pythons: 10/02/16 : Males: CB15 Normal Males £40 Each CB15 Mojave Male £75 CB15 Pastel Male £75 CB15 Low White Pied Male £250 CB14 Het Axanthic Genetic Str ...23/12/15
22. Other Pythons : 10/02/16 : CB14 Albino Burmese Python Female £15023/12/15
23. Female Royal Pythons: 10/02/16 : Females: CB15 Normal Females £50 Each CB15 Pastel Female £95 CB15 Lesser Female £100 CB15 Mojave Female £100 CB15 Spider Female £100 C ...23/12/15
24. Other Inverts: 10/02/16 : CENTIPEDES & MILLIPEDES: Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans (Chinese Red Head) (x2 Available) £20 Each Scolopendrea Sp. (Blue Legged Centip ...23/12/15
25. Corn Snakes: 10/02/16 : CORN SNAKES: CB15 Carolinas £25 Each or £10 with starter kit! CB15 Amels Unsexed £35 Each CB14 Phantom Female £70 CB14 Amel Tessera Fema ...23/12/15
26. Spiders 2-6cm: 10/02/16 : Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly Hair) (x4 Available) £10 Each Brachypelma boehmei (Mexican Fire Leg) x1 Brachypelma vagans (Mexican Red R ...23/12/15
27. Leopard Geckos: 10/02/16 : LEOPARD GECKOS: Unsexed: CB15 Normal Unsexed £40 CB15 Striped Tremper Unsexed £70 CB15 Eclipse Unsexed £70 Males: CB15 Mack Tremper ...23/12/15
28. Lizards: 10/02/16 : LIZARDS: CB14 Nosey Faly Panther Chameleon Male £225 CB15 Nosey Mitsio Panther Chameleon Females *OFFER £70* CB15 Nosey Faly X Nosey Be P ...23/12/15
29. loving home offered for spiders and pet insects : Good loving home offered to any unwanted spiders and pet insects and equipment large or small. Nice or not even non feeders.i breed a lot of ...06/11/15
30. 8 Month Old Female Longhaired Guinea Pig : Urgent re-home of my female Guinea pig. She was housed with other females but she's much bigger and too dominant! I don't normally mind a bi ...29/10/15
31. Baby purebred lionhead rabbits - READY FOR RESERVE : Baby pure bred lionhead rabbits, ready to reserve now. Handled daily, viewings welcome. Both parents can be seen, of great temperament. Can ...21/06/15
32. Columbian rainbow boa : 5 year old rainbow boa Needing a new home Please contact and ask for Ian Sensible offers please Tank available if required. Tank w ...10/05/15
33. Repxotics Reptile Parties : Please see image for details.01/03/15
34. Butterworms (Feeder Insect) : **NEW IN STOCK!!** Butterworms: xMedium £3 for 10 xLarge £3.25 for 10 **Delivery: 1st Class Royal Mail £3.50** **Collection: Rep ...23/02/15
35. Lhasa Apso Puppies Ready For Sale : Riley is a gorgeous KC registered Lhasa Apso puppy. He is a deep red color with just the right amount of white markings to make him absolute ...16/02/15
36. pet ducks for sale : hand reared and tame,will eat from your hand and come when called,ducks have similar needs to keeping a rabbit,bar needing a tray of water o ...30/10/14
37. baby lovebirds 9 WEEKS OLD £25 each : 3 BABY LOVEBIRDS £25 EACH06/09/14
38. Baby African Pygmy hedgehogs- street, Somerset : Ready NOW male African Pygmy hedgehogs £130.00 each and come with care pack. Which includes lots of food, meal worms, puppy pads and care sh ...22/07/14
39. Baby Tortoises for sale : Baby Tortoises hatched 2014. With certificates. Marginateds £75 each, £140 for 2. Also a few Hermanns £85 each of £150 for 2. Care sheets pr ...05/07/14
40. Sponsored Advertising Options : Please contact webmaster at [email protected] for details, or telephone 01278 653 953. Options include the following: 1 - Top places ...29/06/14
41. snake and vivarium : albino cali king with full setup for sale good to handle, just havent the time for her. she is 6ft long and the viv is very large as she ...08/04/14
42. African Pygmy hedgehogs- street, Somerset : 2 male Algerian chocolate and 2 female Algerian chocolate African Pygmy hedgehogs for sale. They are ready to leave home on 7th of feb when ...23/01/14
43. Yeovil Bird Club Bird Sale : Yeovil Bird Club Bird sale 26th January 2014 8am-10 am at the Scout Hall Lysander Road Yeovil Somerset BA20 2PR for more information ...16/01/14
44. Skinny pig sow Cream can deliver : Lovely cream colour skinny sow who is 3 months old and comes with a full pedigree and plenty of food.You are welcome to come and see her in ...07/01/14
45. Skinny pig sow Chocolate and cream can deliver : Lovely chocolate and cream colour skinny sow who is 3 months old and comes with a full pedigree and plenty of food.You are welcome to come a ...07/01/14
46. Skinny pig sows black/choc/cream/agouti can delive... ... : I have several unrelated skinny sows available to new homes ranging from 8 weeks too 4 months old'they will each come with a pedigree from i ...09/12/13
47. Baby Guineapigs for Sale, Bridgwater, Somerset : Beautiful quality homebred Guineapigs for sale, Show quality Rex and Silver Agouti Cavies suitable for showing, breeding and/or as family pe ...01/10/13
48. 1.0 TWO HEADED ADULT RED EARED SLIDER : This animal is way past its first critical years and will make a fantastic display animal. I am very interested in this going to someone fo ...27/09/13
49. Apricot pug puppys : Beautiful apricot pug puppies Ready it go to there new homes 8 weeks old Very nice colour ,good wrinkles will leave with first jabs vet ...24/09/13
50. ISDS/ KC Reg Proven Working Pedigree Border Collie... ... : Murc, born in 2010, is a black and white, working pedigree, Border Collie stud dog and a much loved family pet. He comes from a working ...22/08/13
51. Baby Sulcata Tortoises For Sale - £100 UK Baby Ha... ... : Baby Sulcata Tortoises hatchlings for sale £100 each. I have lots of pictures of the baby sulcata's on request via email! Feel free to ...15/05/13
52. Tortoises for sale baby sulcata hatchlings Captive... ... : I have some baby sulcata tortoises for sale. They are very active and are eating well and are all bred by myself. The have been raised o ...04/04/13
53. Baby Sulcata Tortoises (CB2012) : I have some baby sulcata tortoises for sale. They are very active and are eating well and are all bred by myself. The have been raised o ...04/04/13
54. WHIPPET PUPPIES : A lovely litter of 7 boys!! All are very healthy and robust. They range from black with some and white to white with splod ...06/02/13
55. kittens 4 sale : 5 x black and white kittens 4 sale ready in 8 weeks £25 each please contact me on 07835779430 can put pics up if required or can come and se ...23/01/13
57. WONDERFULL WIGGLY WHIPPETS : Stunningly marked puppies who are home bred..both mum and dad can be seen. They are ready for their new homes on the 2 February 2013 £275 z ...14/12/12
58. Whippet Puppies For Sale : Sire Bondor Blow Gabriel Blow (58 champions in his pedigree) Dam Talaquepaque Tonala All puppies will be vet checked, dew claws removed, ...14/12/12
59. Baby Marginated tortoises c/w certs - £60 : Baby Mediterranean Tortoises for sale - You won't find cheaper! Lively and always hungry! Fed on natural weeds and Nutrobal supplement. ...28/09/12
60. 2 x boa constrictor : 2 lovely boas for sale due to no fault of there own, £45 each, can come with setup at extra cost. brought from a reptile centre in exeter. ...28/08/12
61. Pekin bantams for sale : I have a wide variety of pekin pullets for sale ranging from 15-22 wks, very friendly,golden partridge,at the moment £20 each (Somerset) ...19/08/12
62. Baby Crimson/Red Pennant Rosellas : Baby Crimson/Red Pennant Rosellas, lovely big healthy babies, fed on good quality feed, ideal age to start hand taming, not noisey make idea ...07/08/12
63. chicks for sale : Hi i have 7 three month old batoms chicks for sell the are very pretty and healthy and they have been wormed but they will need doing again ...06/08/12
64. baby chicks for sale : hi i have 7 two month old batoms chicks for sell the are very pretty and healthy and they have been wormed but they will need doing again in ...31/07/12
65. Proven orange wing amazon hens : 2 proven owing hens both between 6 and 8 £180 each can help with delivery24/06/12
66. Kookaburras : Proven pair 4 years old and 2 young from last year both silly tame! £700 the pair or £375 for youngsters both male and females available all ...24/06/12
67. 7 baby bantam chicks for sell : hi i have 7 baby chicks for sell the are 1 week old i cant tell if the are a boy or a girl. i would like £5 each i am not that good on the l ...22/06/12
68. 2011 Crested geckos for sale : I am selling 3 of last years baby crested geckos. They all eat, poo and shed well. This years babies have started hatching now so i need the ...10/05/12
69. 4 year old GSD Cross Looking for new home : Hello! We are looking for a new home for our four year old German Shepherd cross, Sophie. She is a very loving dog who is full of energy. Sh ...06/05/12
70. Sulcata Baby Tortoise Hatchlings for sale : Captive Bred Sulcata tortoise hatchlings for sale. Very active and eating well. Raised in tortoise tables and fed on a diet of grasses a ...27/04/12
71. Tortoises for sale - sulcata hatchlings : Baby sulcata tortoises for sale (UKCB) Very active and friendly and bred by myself. These tortoises have very smooth shells. They are ...27/04/12
72. hungarian import male for sale : bulldog male red white 8 months old imported from hungaria has pet pass port fci registration certificate allso kennel club registration cer ...23/04/12
73. GOOD HOME FOR ANY UNWANTED REPTILES OR AMPHIBIANS : I am offering a good home to any of your unwanted snakes,lizards,geckos,frogs etc. even if they are unwell or not feeding! and there setup. ...15/04/12
74. Indian Runner Ducks : Indian Runner Ducklings for sale. Great upright ducks. £10 each. Based in Somerset. Call/text 07876462900 for more information.15/04/12
75. Chinchillas : 1 year old female,grey/white in colour,3 year old male dark grey/black,large cage,2 water bottles,2 cooling plates,2 sand baths and a house ...11/04/12
76. bearded dragon : 9 month old bearded dragon, male, great marking and character, eating and shedding very well £4002/04/12
77. large bird wanted : hello, for the past 15/20yrs i have had parrots from cockatoos and greys, amazons, aswell as fostering macaws. i would love to give a home ...23/03/12
78. Bantam Chickens : I have lots of mixed bantam breeds for sale.All are point of lay mixed bantams. The hens are very friendly and pretty. £20 each28/02/12
79. collies puppies : Black and white collies pupies good with children and other dogs. 6 girs 2 boys read end of feb09/02/12
80. Lavender Orpington Bantam : We have got a large Lavender Orpington Bantam hen available. She is a 2010 hatch, has a lovely shape and colour. She is only for sale as she ...05/02/12
81. Orpington Bantam Hatching Eggs : We breed Orpington Bantams in Black, Blue, White, Buff, Mottled (Spangled), Blue Mottled, Chocolate, Jubilee, Blue Jubilee, Lavender, Gold L ...05/02/12
82. Pekin Bantam Hatching Eggs : We breed Pekin Bantams in Gold Partridge, Silver Partridge, Lavender, Millefleur, Blue Millefleur, Black Mottled, Chocolate, Lavender Cuckoo ...05/02/12
83. Aylesbury Duck Hatching Eggs : Aylesbury Duck hatching eggs available. Good rates of fertility. £1 per egg. Can be posted at cost (UK only), please contact us for details. ...05/02/12
84. champion sired bulldog bitch for sale : champion sired bulldog bitch for sale 3 years old never been mated red brindle no health problems has a nice straight tail she has two world ...26/01/12
85. cleeve pouitry sale sunday 12th feb : cleeve pouitry sale sunday 12th feb 2012 location is at cleeve village hall23/01/12
86. www. bird4sale. co. uk : advertise poultry&birds of prey & pigeons Free advertise poultry&birds of prey & pigeons free advertise all types birds on ...18/01/12
87. Horsfield tortoise : Horsfield Tortoise-Male 2 half year old. Very friendly plus set up/Full equipment etc. Please ask for any more info £200 ono Yeovil Somerset ...07/01/12
88. Netherland dwarfs : 3 nice litle boys all friendly....2 brothers red and black otter both Vienna's. One blue eyed white buck really friendly. Will leave with ...25/12/11
89. Quality Acrylic Vivarium Dividers : We provide top quality made to measure acrylic vivarium dividers. You provide the dimensions, we will make the vivarium divider to your r ...12/12/11
90. for sale : male orange wing amozon parrot.7 yrs old for sale as lost the female.£20004/12/11
91. FOR SALE : breeeding pair of congo african grey parrotts,9 yrs old,sex rung,perfect feathers breed every year. £800 ono.04/12/11
92. 2 Adult Male Bearded Dragons : I have two Adult male (approx 3 years)Bearded dragons needing a new home. I have had them housed together since they were bought together fo ...11/11/11
93. Dog-Walking : Professional experienced dog-walker, fully insured and CRB checked. Walking, pet-feeding services, holidays covered, qualified animal heale ...08/11/11
94. 2011 HATCHLINGS TORTOISES : Captive bred spur thighed and hermann 2011 tortoises. Eating very well on proper tortoise food (dandelions etc) Fully licenced Collection ...07/11/11
95. Huskamute puppies for sale : We have 8 stunning Huskamute puppies for sale, 5 boys & 3 girls born on the 13/10/11. They will be ready for their new homes on the 08/12/11 ...01/11/11
96. Indian Runner Ducks for sale : 4 Adult Indian Runner ducks for sale. 1 Trout drake and 3 ducks(various colours) Amusing, comical ducks for the garden. They lay wonderful, ...14/10/11
97. fire belleid toad : lovely little thing, good health, eats well, comes with setup £25, pick up only12/10/11
98. mombassa golden starburst tarantula : 1 an a half yr old female, bright orange, aggressive nature. she is lovely to look at, but thats it, needs to go to sombody who has expeiren ...12/10/11
99. ORANGE REX RABBITS : 2 orange rex female rabbits, aged 8 weeks, now available, myxomatosis vaccinated & veterinary checked. Handled daily and from good natured p ...16/09/11
100. cockitels for sale : i have 10 cockiteils for sale,i need more room for my other birds.£15 each.30/08/11

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