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Policy & Animal Wellfare

Important Notice To Prospective Purchasers of Primates

Pets Classifieds encourage responsible pet ownership and would remind all prospective purchasers of monkeys and other primates:

  • - Most species are sociable, they should not be isolated from their own kind and are unsuitable as house pets.

  • - Young primates have long developmental periods and should not be removed from their parental group until they have had sufficient time to mature.

  • - The selling and keeping of primates is controlled by Law

Under The Animal Welfare Act, primate keepers have a legal responsibility to ensure a certain standard of care for their animals, including keeping them in suitable family units to meet their social needs.

More advice on standards of care for primates can be found in Defra's booklet:

Prospective owners may also need to be in possession of a local authority licence under The Dangerous Wild Animals Act before acquiring certain species.

Further information is available from your local Council's environmental health department, or may be found online:

All primates are protected by CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and certain species may not be offered for sale or exchange without a permit issued by Defra.

Further advice may be obtained from the Wildlife Licensing Service at Animal Health:

If you have any doubts whatsoever you should contact the following e-mail address and ask for help: [email protected] or telephone number 0117 372 8774

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