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1.stock birds at warrington Exotics19/09/14Yes
Mutation Ring necks 79.99-99.99 each Peach Faced Lovebirds 34.99 each x5 Yellow Pallid Opalines 69.99 each x 4 Black Masked Lovebirds 69.99 each x 4 19a) Pastel White Faced Lovebirds 49.99 each x 1 Blue Black Masked 79.99 each x 1 Violet Opalines 79.99 each x 2 Rosa Bourkes 49.99 eac... ...
Category : Birds
I have several peach faced lovebirds from this year. They consist of orange face greens and red face greens and one lutino hen. 20 each or 35 for two.
Category : Birds
3.2 x peach faced lovebirds for sale23/06/11Yes
I have 2 green peach faced lovebirds for sale. They were given to me last year, I'm not sure how old they are, but I understand they are quite young and they are both male. They come with cage, stand for cage, large bag of seed 75.00 Please contact Julie on 07958 739881
Category : Birds
4.Pair of Peach Faced Lovebirds plus delux cage reluctantly for sale04/11/09No
Hi,due to a new job and a relocation I feel that my lovely pair of Peach Faced Lovebirds, Izzy and Belle, aren't getting the attention they deserve. Therefore I am reluctantly selling both birds, plus a large, white delux cage, toys and feeding bowls for 90. They are two years old and have never ha... ...
Category : Other Pets
5.Wanted A Proven Pair Of Peach Faced Lovebirds ?06/11/07No
Must Come With Some Type Of Proof That They Have Sucessfully Reard Offspring Would Be Willing To Travel If The Price Of The Birds Are Right
Category : Birds
6.Lovebirds wanted22/05/07No
We are looking for one pair of peach faced lovebirds to bread. hope someone can help us to find them in shropshire or 30miles radius from oswestry. Please Help. Gaby & Phil
Category : Birds
7.Cockatiels / Peach Faced Lovebirds26/10/06No
Approximately 30 cockatiels (pied/lutino/grey), many established as breeding pairs for sale, also, colony of 20 peach faced loved birds. Selling due to house move, prefer that they all go together, pls make an offer, more interested in the welfare of the birds than the money. Email to : Matthew.mar... ...
Category : Birds

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