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1.2 adult Giant African Snails free- need rehoming13/05/11No
These adult Giant African snails are available to people who will take good care of them. Fish tank, waterbowl included. I will be giving birth soon and won't be able to look after the snails. Phone Michelle on 07749211045
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
2.Re: Living quarters!! : )25/05/07No
Does anyone know if Giant African Snails (Fulica) can live alongside Giant African Millipedes? My tank is 3ft long x 18" high by 15" width the tank has 3 inches(") of organic peat with logs, leaves and moss. The lid is fitted (wood & mesh) and I spray daily. Thanks for replies in ... ...
Category : Spiders & Insects
3.Giant African Snails (GALS)21/08/06Yes
I have a few Giant African Snails for sale, Perfect starter exotic pet. Very easy to keep. Only 50p Each + P&P, a lot cheaper than any petshop. Contact me for any info. Thanks
Category : Other Pets
4.Achatina snails24/10/05Yes
Iīm selling pretty Giant African Snails. I have babies and photos available, as well as informations about care, risks and safety. Ecological advice: Donīt release in the wild exotic species ( that arenīt native).
Category : Other Pets

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