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1.african pygmy hedgehogs17/10/12Yes
3 baby ALBINO PYGMY HEDGEHOGS 2boy and a 1girl will be 8week old on the 11september fOR 80.00 EACH and all information plus 1yearold ALBINO GIRL WITH CAGE WHEEL FOOD HEAT MAT AND TOYS
Category : Other Pets
REPTILE SALE!!!!!! LIZARDS: WATER DRAGONS, sub-adult 24+ 40 ANOLES, Green and Bark 8 PANTHER CHAMELEONS, cb 3 mth old,100 FRILLED DRAGONS, cb10 100 CRESTIED GECKOS, 8wks old 40 BEARDED DRAGONS, cb10 from 20 Various colours available. SNAKES: BOA CONSTRICTORS, cb09 from 60 AL... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
3.pygmy hedgehog female albino10/04/09No
i have a beautiful albino pygmy hedgehog for sale she is 8months old email or call for more info selling for 150.00
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
4.Albino Pygmy Hedgehog - 9 weeks old (female) - 16016/01/09Yes
I have one female albino Pygmy hedgehog for sale. She was born in the middle of November and is 8/9 weeks old we aren't exactly sure as I didn't want to the disturb the mother's nest during that week to disturb her. She is available straight away and is a little shy but relaxes alot once she gets... ...
Category : Other Pets

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