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I'm looking for 2 unrelated does and 1-2 unrelated bucks (unneutered) for breeding & to produce spinning fibre. Must be solid colours. East Anglian region preferred. English/french/satin/german varieties welcome. Reasonable price paid. Will have excellent care & loving home.
Category : Other Pets
2.Chocolate Angora rabbits31/07/10No
Gorgeous baby chocolate angora rabbits ready now. Bucks and Does available.These bunnies need grooming 2/3 times a week, just the same as grooming any other rabbit. 8 weeks old. Come with a bag of food. 40 each ready now, To loving homes only. E-mail me for pics as I can't seem to get them on here.
Category : Other Pets
3.Red eyed white Angora rabbits for sale20/04/10No
I have the most adorable REW angora babies for sale both boys and girls,and a boy and girl agouti angora. They will be ready from the 1/5/10 for more info contact me
Category : Other Pets
4.Fluffy angora rabbits09/09/07Yes
I have five golden and golden and white angora type rabbits for sale. They are very pretty and if you like to groom a rabbit this would be ideal for you. I have a picture on here of one but if you are interested you can email me and I will forward you pictures of the other rabbits. All will come wit... ...
Category : Other Pets

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