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1.Trio Light Sussex Bantams P.O.L Free Range (Ideal Starters for garden)02/11/14No
I have for sale a trio of light susex bantam chickens. Sussex make very quiet docile birds which are perfect for beginners to chicken keeping and are more than ideal for a small backyard flock. These are great family birds and will be suited to a family with children. Sussex are known to be goo... ...
Category : Birds
2.Rare Breed Bantam Chickens for sale18/03/12No
1 Lavander Arucana Bantam 1year old 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam 1yr old 1 Gold Laced Dutch Bantam 6months old all 3 to good home - broody by nature so would make a breeder good stock. readon for sale is they are very loud &i live on an estate. they live in my garden &are free range so... ...
Category : Birds
3.Bantam Chickens28/02/12Yes
I have lots of mixed bantam breeds for sale.All are point of lay mixed bantams. The hens are very friendly and pretty. 20 each
Category : Birds
4.Golden Partrige Bantam Chickens16/01/12No
We have 3 pairs of beautiful home breed Golden Partridge Dutch Bantam Chickens for sale. They were born summer 2011. 30 a pair Please phone sally 07779606364
Category : Birds
5.bantam chickens26/10/11No
Brahma trio 40 beautiful birds Brahma pair 30 Brahma crossed silkie beautiful looking 15 each or 25 pair. All birds 5mths old. Ring 07811332062
Category : Birds
Malaysian Serama Bantam chicks Serama bantam chickens for sale. Serama bantams sold from 1-12 weeks old. We have been breeding serama for three years now and have now a very good breeding stock of 12 hen to 3 cocks. The grade of our birds are a B grade and find breeding from these are abo... ...
Category : Birds
7.Pekin bantam chickens for sale14/04/10No
Breeding pairs of pekin bantam chickens in lavender,black and spekled, prices vary
Category : Birds
8.Bantam Chickens for sale only 5 pounds each, for this month!18/06/06Yes
Bantam chicks for sale, of the Partridge Pekin breed. Make great pets and nice to have as company in the garden. Always entertaining to watch. Need very little supervision, cost next to nothing to keep. Fertile eggs for incubation also available price on application. Private small scale breeder, he... ...
Category : Birds

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