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1.Pure bred poultry for sale16/07/14No
For Sale: Gold Laced Orpington Bantam Trio Light Sussex (Large Fowl) Trio Rhode Island Reds (Large Fowl) All hatched in April this year Barnevelder Bantam hens x4 Hatched Autumn last year Sensible offers, 07973957185
Category : Birds
2.Modern English Game Bantam hens12/02/12No
Wanted female modern game bantam hens for my lonely cockerel who is now on his own. Not worried about colour as these are pets Happy to pay for show birds so I can get him some partners.Birds live free range. Preferably last year's birds. Willing to travel to collect. near Huttoft Lincs. Thank... ...
Category : Birds
Category : Birds
4.Light Sussex Bantam Hens30/11/10No
well marked good stock 18 available 8 each Tel 07881632558 (Richard)
Category : Birds
5.Wanted Bantams Scotland17/10/09No
I am looking dfor some bantam hens, to join our hens. Who have a happy home and free range on a half acre of grass every day. If possible, Silkies or Polish bantams Frizzle, or gold laced polish. Other types considered. Happy home waiting :o)
Category : Birds
6.Belgian Bantam Hens - Barbu dAnvers & Barbu dUccles08/07/09No
I have 3 x 8 week old Belgian Bantam Hens for sale: Barbu d'Uccles: Porceline x 1 Barbu d'Uccles: Millefleur x 1 Barbu d'Anvers: Silver Quail x 1 Looking for a nice home for these little hens, where they can all be together. 60.00
Category : Other Pets
7.Various Poultry for sale (West Sussex)24/02/09No
Please note all poultry Pure bred and from good quality Lines. 3 x Buff Sussex Hens POL 15.00 each 1 x Gold Laced Wyandotte Cockrel. Stunning Bird FREE 2 x White Japanese Bantam Hens, 1 coming into 2nd Lay other POL. 15.00 each (From top show stock) 1x White Japanese Cockrel FREE 1 x Double L... ...
Category : Birds

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