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1.Various Pygmy Leaf Chameleons For Sale12/07/14Yes
Bearded Pygmy Chameleons (Rieppeleon brevicaudatus) 39.99 each Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleons (Rhampholeon temporalis) 39.99 each All Enquiries please call Steve 01745 353411 All reptiles and much more can be found here -
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
2.The Living Rainforest Updated Stocklist 16/04/1316/04/13Yes
Lots Of Different Reptiles For Sale & Live Animal Courier Direct To Your Door. Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleons (Rhampholeon temporalis) Bearded Pygmy Chameleons (Rieppeleon brevicaudatus) Elliot's Chameleons (Chamaeleo ellioti) ONE PAIR Cb11 Jackson Chameleons (C.j.xantholophus) Baby African... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
3.3x CB10 bearded pygmy chameleons06/09/10Yes
Hi all, i am having to downsize my collection and am selling my CB10 Bearded pygmy chameleons. I have 3 for sale, all believed to be male, they are 8 weeks old and were bred by myself. eating well on fruitflies and size 1 crickets. Im looking for 20 each any questions or pics please ask ... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians pygmy chameleons03/11/07Yes
hi there i have 17 bearded pygmy chameleons im un able to sex them but i have had eggs now around 30 eggs so far all this year im hoping for 15 each or a deal on a larger amount tnt courior is avalible e mail if intrested
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians

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