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1.Two male Chinese Dwarf Hamsters inc Cage17/01/12No
I have two male Chinese hamsters for sale. They are approx 8 weeks old. Including cage (Ferplast Duna in pink). Two silent wheels, space house, wooden dwarf house, two food bowls and water bottle. Cage and accessories all bought new
Category : Other Pets
2.NEW WORLD EXOTICS nottingham EXOTIC MAMMALS stock list MAY 201106/05/11No
CB10/11 5.5 Zebra Mice 9.99 CB10 0.4 Agouti Degus 15.00 CB10 3.0 Agouti Degus 20.00 CB10/11 0.0.8 BABY Duprasi 30.00 CB10 1.1 Texan Spotted Ground Squirrels 155.00 CB10/11 2.2 Bushy Tailed Jirds 25.00 missing tails CB11 0.0.4 Bushy Tailed Jirds 40.00 CB11 0.2 Acacia Rats 45.00 CB11... ...
Category : Other Pets
3.Paws and Claws Pets .co.uk21/02/11Yes
Pet Foods, Supplies & Livestock We sell a large range of pet foods and pet accessories including hutches, cages and fish tanks. Also in store we have a large variety of pets for sale including: Lionhead Rabbits Mini Lop Rabbits Mini Rex Rabbits Blue Eyed White Rabbits Guinea Pigs Syrian H... ...
Category : Retailers Specials
4.Chinese Hamsters - excellent pets (portsmouth area)04/01/10Yes
Tame Chinese hamsters from excellent show lines. all hamsters come with a detailed pedigree as well as my support to answer any questions you might have before and after purchase. The only breeder of Black eyed white chinese hamsters in the UK. Normals both sexes - 5 Dom Spots both sexes - ... ...
Category : Other Pets
5.rodent breeders03/12/09No
hi all we are breeders of most small animals including the following pet mice / show stock mice / russian winter white hamsters / campbell hamsters / chinese hamsters / syrian hamsters / rats / gerbils / zebra mice / stripy mice / mutimamates and rabbits we have stock avail most of the time ple... ...
Category : Other Pets
6.Chinese hamsters08/11/09No
Vectis Hamstery breeds tame, healthy Chinese hamsters from show lines. The babies are handled from 14 days of age and are used to people and living in a home. Each hamster is rehomed with a pedigree certificate which includes the National Hamster Council registration number. I rehome my Chinese h... ...
Category : Other Pets
Category : Other Pets
8.Chinese Hamster wanted14/10/08No
Hi I'm looking to give a good home to one or maybe a couple of chinese hamsters. I have kept them before- my last one almost lived to the grand age of 4 :) Live in Berkshire but am willing to travel a bit to come collect. Thanks Sarah
Category : Other Pets
9.dwarf chinese hamsters16/05/07Yes
dwarf chinese hamsters. 6 weeks old 4 females 5.00 each cannot sell in pairs as females fight each other. [email protected]
Category : Other Pets
10.TSKA March 2007 Availability12/03/07No
TSKA: Exotic Species Availability Southern Flying Squirrels Eastern Flying Squirrels Japanese White Bellied Squirrels Turkish Spiny Mice African Pygmy Mice Multimammate Mice White Necked Black Footed Squirrels Mouse Like Hamsters Deer Mice Greater Egyptian Jerboas Lesser Egyptian Jerboa... ...
Category : Other Pets
11.Acacia rats for sale/exchange15/01/07No
Young Acacia rats for sale or exchange for other species of small rodent eg spiney mice, pygmy mice ,chinese hamsters etc.
Category : Other Pets
12.Chinese Hamsters for sale09/04/05No
I have two lovely male chinese hamsters only about 4 months old im looking for someone to give them a good home as i dont have the time to look after them! They never bite! but they are alittle bit fast to say the least so not really suitable for very young children! I have a cage that they are in... ...
Category : Other Pets

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