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1.Citron crested cockatoo05/11/13No
8month old hand reared dna sexed female citron crested cockatoo with paperwork. She is very very friendly and loves to be stroked,tickled and even just to sit on your shoulder. She comes with large cage and toys. 650 Regards
Category : Birds
2.hand reared baby citron crested cockatoo06/10/12No
Baby hand reared citron crested cockatoo, closed rung, dnad male ready in approx 2-3 weeks time when fully weaned, with a10. 1,050 also dnad female, sibling to above with a10, closed rung. 1,050
Category : Birds
my names stella i am a citron crested cockatoo 5 years old dna tested female i am in good feather and talking a fine looking bird comes with nice big cage 850
Category : Birds
Wanted urgently, Citron Crested Cockatoo HEN. Must be 4 years old or over and be in good feather. Must have all relevant paperwork. Good price paid for right bird.
Category : Birds
5.Handreared Baby Parrots for sale05/05/07Yes
Baby citron crested cockatoo 950 Baby lesser sulphur crested cockatoo 950 Baby galah cockatoo 950 Baby umbrella cockatoo 1100 Baby blue and gold macaw 1200 Baby green winged macaw 1450 Baby blue fronted amazons 500 Baby african grey parrots 650 Orders being taken for moluccan cocka... ...
Category : Birds
6.citron crested cockatoo07/09/05No
8 months old, tame and semi talking, with large cage, very reluctant sale 800
Category : Birds

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