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 SubjectAddedPhotoDetail dove cote09/07/17Yes
The Himbleton Dovecote 12. Large sized wall mounted dove cote new and ready now, beautifully built to house up to 24 doves and their young. Features an additional eight smaller nest boxes making it perfect for attracting smaller garden birds to your garden. To to be mounted to a wall, shed, garag... ...
Category : Birds
THESE BIRDS ARE EASY TO KEEP AND LOOK GREAT IN THE GARDEN ideal for dove cotes or avairy these birds are very clean and have been breed from sound stock have a look at my guest book on website . Single birds 15 breeding pairs 40(garuntied male and female) you will get all the advice and... ...
Category : Birds
white garden fantails these are this years birds and would be ideal for a dove cote avairy ect or droppers clean birds and wormed please note the red marks on some of the birds are were they have been in the mineral and will wash of. 20 each a few breeing pairs 50 delivery can be arranged nation w... ...
Category : Birds
4.For Sale- Dove Cote22/06/14Yes
holds 6 doves, 71/2- 8ft, 1 year old, home made, solid structure colour: black and white 100.00 ono
Category : Other Pets
5.Garden Fantail Doves15/11/11No
Hi I have 5 garden fantail doves for sale with 1 breeding pair & also the dove cote all for an amazing price of 100.00. The base may need replacing but still ok to use as is. Please feel free to contact me on 07527629453
Category : Birds
6.Fantail Doves15/10/10No
10 Beautiful fantail doves for sale 15 each,home reared, born in our dove cote, here in shropshire .please feel welcome to call,any evening after 6pm.
Category : Birds
Pure white doves for sale, ideal for wedding release business or just for a dove cote at home. Large selection of garden doves and fan tails. All birds are in great shape, we have been trading birds for years. All are can be NPA rung and treated for everything. Please contact for further informati... ...
Category : Birds
8.Dove Cote19/06/09No
i am selling a hexigan 6 hole dovecote and it is in real good condition i am looking for offers of around 50 to 60 pound please call me on 01388 817013 for further details thank you steve
Category : Birds
9.fantail doves black or white pairs wanted for my wifes new dove cote09/05/09No
want to buy
Category : Birds
10.Fantail garden doves15/04/09No
Fantail white garden doves wanted in the Plymouth area for a dove cote, up to 12 pairs wanted or unsexed singles. Recent visit from bird of prey has decimated my stock.
Category : Birds
I am looking for white garden doves and fantails to set up my dove cote
Category : Birds
12.Dove cote base ??08/10/08No
I have made my own dovecote and was just wondering do I need to put in any drain holes for rain water ? Any advice would be great. Thank you. Mark 07976 464783
Category : Birds
13.breeding fantail doves09/09/08No
Hi.. im looking for a couple of breeding fantail doves for my beautiful dove cote.. its large enough to house six pairs..Please contact Dawn 07717236673..East yorks
Category : Birds
14.white fantail/doves09/05/05No
white & coloured Fantail doves for sale ideal for your new dove cote,15 each plus amtrak carriage this being 30 for 4 birds.i only have a few birds available.Help given to novices re;food and care of your birds.Please contact tony on 01254-59001 or e-mail to:[email protected] thankyo... ...
Category : Birds

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