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1.The world of fish and pets , Birmingham14/08/13Yes
We are a Reptile, Aquatic , pet shop located 10 mins from Birmingham airport and NEC We have new stock coming in each week this week 13/08/2013 we have in Juvenille Iguana Jacksons Chameleons Panther Chameleons Fischers Chameleons Blue eyed pygmy Chameleons Yemen Chameleons Bearded drag... ...
Category : Retailers Specials
2.The jungle reptiles open easter sunday and monday08/04/12No
Lizards. Juvenile bosc monitors 1ft approx very friendly £100 Juvenile bosc monitor 1ft approx very friendly poss hypo very pale with pale nails £150 Adult pair of mali uromastyx (very friendly) £350 the pair Baby green basilisk £65 Grown on green water dragons £30 each Green anoles £12 last ... ...
Category : Other Pets
3.Emperor Scorpion23/01/12No
WANTED Emperor Scorpion hi im looking for anyone who is selling any emperor scorpions im in the hull york and bridlington area please let me know thanks.
Category : Spiders & Insects
4.Wanted Baby Emperor Scorpions26/09/11No
Hey Everyone, Wanted A Baby Emperor Scorpion Or 2 For A While Now, Let Me Know If You Have Any Or Know Anybody Selling. Also Leave Details About The Price. Thanks!
Category : Spiders & Insects
5.2 emperor scorpions with or without full set up08/06/11Yes
well handled make great pets 70 with set up or 50 without
Category : Spiders & Insects
6.NEW WORLD EXOTICS nottingham INVERT LIST MAY 201106/05/11No
Invert stock list! CF10 0.0.3 Red Claw Scorpions Pandinus cavimanus £29.95 CB11 0.0.3 Spiny Flower Mantis Psuedocreobotra wahlbergii £25.00 CB11 0.0.3 Emperor Scorpions Pandinus imperator £22.00 CB10 0.0.1 Orange Baboon Tarantula Pterinochilus murinus £20.00 CB11 0.0.2 Togo Starburst Baboon H... ...
Category : Other Pets
7.Amazon Exotics Stocklist11/11/10No
Lizards We currently have the following lizards in stock and available: Juvenile Crested Geckos £59.99 Adult Crested Geckos £89.99 Yellow Throated, Plated Lizard £29.99 Saharan Uromastyx £119.99 Garden Fence Lizards £22.50 / 2 for £40.00 Desert Longtail Lizards £22.50 / 2 for £40.00 Asian... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
8.wanted emperor scorpions (birmingham area)07/07/10No
wanted emperor scorpions pair if possible.any age 07933179850
Category : Spiders & Insects
9.TC Reptiles Stock List 09/06/201009/06/10Yes
Lizards 0.0.2 Blood Red x Citrus Bearded Dragons. CB10. £75 each 0.0.3 Citrus Red x Yellow Phase German Giant Bearded Dragons. CB09. £65 each 0.0.13 ‘Normal’ Bearded Dragons. CB10. NOT READY UNTIL 23/06/2010. £45 each 1.0 USA Blood Red Bearded Dragon. Sub Adult. £300 1.0 ‘Normal’ Bearded Drag... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
10.CB Pandinus Imperator (emperor scorpions)25/05/10No
i have a number of emp's for sale they were born may 1st 2010 all are healthy and eating well £5 per scorpling postage via RMSD only - £6.50 please call or text 075-17-563-615
Category : Other Pets
11.Wanted. baby scorpions any size.20/12/08No
I am looking for 3 baby emperor scorpions. i do not mind how old. i am willing to pay £15 plus p&p. Please call 01043 257780 or email [email protected]
Category : Spiders & Insects
12.Inverterts and Equipment for Sale19/10/08No
I have a few different inverts and some general equipment for sale. x5 Mexican Fireleg Tarantula spiderlings @ £15.00 each x5 Juv Emperor Scorpions @ £12.00 each X10 Indian Red Velvet Mites @ £2.00 each Sphagnum Moss @ £1.50 a bag Vermiculate @ £1.50 a bag Dried Leaves @ £0.50 a bag S... ...
Category : Spiders & Insects
13.Ace-Reptiles updated stocklist 13/6/0812/06/08No
Snakes: '08 baby Royal Pythons - £55 males, £60 females '08 male Pastel Royal Python - £295 ’06 male Royal possibly Double HET for Snow - £150 '08 Common Boa Constrictors - £65 late '07 Red Blood Python - eating prekilled mice experienced keeper only - £150 '06 male Jungle Carpet Python - on h... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
14.Various snakes and lizards for sale04/06/07No
Various snakes and lizards for sale Adult pair of Brazilian rainbow boas Tactical snakes female poss. gravid £75 Adult pair of argentine rainbow boas Adult pair of costal carpet pythons £225 Egg eating snakes £60 each House snakes 06 £35 each Very large Tokay geckos adult £22.50... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
15.Captive Bred Emperor Scorpions for sale09/08/06No
I have several captive bred baby scorpions for sale. They are about 2 months old and feeding well on crickets. Size is approx 2cm. Cost is £5 each plus postage. Please note I will only send them via special delivery so minimum postage cost will be £4.50
Category : Spiders & Insects

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