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1.2 Male Fancy Mice03/03/17Yes
Two brothers currently living together. Can be sold together or single. Born on 8th of January 2017. Dove and tan colour. One has a black speck on his thigh so you could tell them apart if sold together. Handled daily so they are tame. Pet or breeding homes only, not to be feeders. 3 each or 5 ... ...
Category : Other Pets
Baby 'Mus musculus domesticus' fancy mice for sale all super alert, eating well & very curious little critters will make great pets, I have 10 in total 3 males & 7 females. I never back to back breed my girls so produce strong litters + its better for the mums too :) They have human interaction at... ...
Category : Other Pets
3.Magical Marnies Mousery06/11/15No
Established in June 2005, Magical Marnie's Mousery, is a small time breeder of broken marked fancy mice in a variety of colours and coat types including : Astrex, Texel, Satin, Longhaired, Naked/Fuzzies & Standards. All mice born at the mousery are handled daily from when it is safe to do so,... ...
Category : Other Pets fancy mice for sale07/03/12No
3 baby mice about four weeks old 3 each or all 3 for 6 call tom.
Category : Other Pets
5.Fancy mice for pets16/11/11No
Various fancy mice 2.50 each - loads of colours! Please contact for info
Category : Other Pets
6.NEW WORLD EXOTICS nottingham EXOTIC MAMMALS stock list MAY 201106/05/11No
CB10/11 5.5 Zebra Mice 9.99 CB10 0.4 Agouti Degus 15.00 CB10 3.0 Agouti Degus 20.00 CB10/11 0.0.8 BABY Duprasi 30.00 CB10 1.1 Texan Spotted Ground Squirrels 155.00 CB10/11 2.2 Bushy Tailed Jirds 25.00 missing tails CB11 0.0.4 Bushy Tailed Jirds 40.00 CB11 0.2 Acacia Rats 45.00 CB11... ...
Category : Other Pets
7.L D Exotics december stocklist (delivery available)17/12/10Yes
collared lizards - 45.00 each or 80 a pair Baby bearded dragons - 19.99 (free with complete set-up) CB cuban knight anole - 29.99 green anoles 9.99 each Sub adult bearded dragon males - 39.99 (free with complete set-up) Sub adult female bearded dragons - 65.00 adult male bearded dragon... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
8.fancy mice for sale26/11/10Yes
at romsey world of water we regularly have fancy mice for sale. they are 6.99 each or 2 for 12. please email for more info at:
Category : Other Pets
9.Mice with cages17/09/10No
Am selling all my fancy mice, different mice in different cages, everything included in the price, so no need to buy anything Selection of cages and mice to choose from 20 for wire cages 30 for tank
Category : Other Pets fancy MICE and GERBILS and HAMSTERS available romsey HAMPSHIRE29/04/10Yes
at world of water romsey we have baby fancy mice and gerbils, and hamsters for sale. mice come in various colours. these include, black and white, ginger and white, grey and white, and brown and white. gerbils are also assorted colours. email tara for more info:
Category : Other Pets
11.Baby Fancy mice22/01/10No
I have for sale some baby fancy mice, If you are interested then please send me a message and i will send you photos, This website is not allowing me to upload my photos for some strange reason, It just keeps saying "error"....
Category : Other Pets
12.Fancy mice, bucks and does02/01/10Yes
I have the following mice for sale: Self chocolate rumpwhite doe x1 (pictured) Self chocolate rumpwhite bucks x2 Self chocolate satin rumpwhite bucks x2 Cream buck x1 Bred from my show lines but looking for pet (or hobby breeding) homes. All very tame, friendly animals who will make great pets.... ...
Category : Other Pets
hello, i breed mice all year round, i have many mixed coloured mice, brown and whites, ginger and whites, black and white, and i even have blue mice with tanned bellys from time to time also i breed plain colours aswell not mixed. 3 pound each mouse many thanks
Category : Other Pets
14.fancy / show mice03/12/09No
hi all i have fancy mice and pet mice for sale most of the times pet mice are 2.00 and show stock mice are 5.00 each colours include black and tan / dove and tan / choc and tan / argente / texels / marked / brokens / pink eyed whites / please contact for other colours and more details any enq... ...
Category : Other Pets
15.various animals08/09/09Yes
i have several animals for sale.2 female rabbits to sell together or seperately 15 each or 25 for 2.approximate age for both of them is 4 months.(both sandy coloured,1 looks part lionhead and other normal,both shorthaired and smooth coated)1 male rabbit 15.approximate age nearly 3 months.(black w... ...
Category : Other Pets
16.Young FANCY MICE for sale as pets many colours!25/05/09Yes
Available are a number of male and female fancy mice - in a range of colours including black, white, grey, brown and golden. Some are long-haired too. These mice are to go to good PET homes only. They will come to you from part of a school science mouse breeding project where numbers have now explod... ...
Category : Other Pets
17.fancy mice and white mice13/11/08No
fancy mice and white mice for sale 2 each many different colours can deliver for the price of fuel
Category : Other Pets
18.Fancy Mice For Sale01/11/08Yes
Woodland Mousery breeds the best quality mice in the south of the UK. We are based in Crawley West Sussex and are just 5 minutes from J11 on the M23/A23. Fancy mice make great first time pets for both adults and children, these mice are not of pet shop origin and are handled from 2 days old so a... ...
Category : Other Pets
19.**Wanted Fancy Mice**13/08/08No
I have been breeding mice now for nearly 4 years, and I am am bored if breeding standard fancy mice, so now I am looking for, Astrex, Satin, Rex etc... I am specially after nakied mice and siamese. Please get in touch, can pick up if local. But delivery is fine. Plenty of cages here.
Category : Other Pets
20.Fancy Mice16/05/08No
I have fancy mice for sale. Both sexes in various colours. All well handled, friendly, healthy and happy. 1.00 each or 75p each if you take 3 or more. Please contact me for more details. Sam. 07792921647
Category : Other Pets
fancy mice available, satins, rexs and standards, 10-15 different colours, both sexes available delivery quotes available to the following areas in the next week or so Lincolnshire suffolk & norfolk/cambridgeshire (route dependent) beds/bucks/herts M25 ring South Wales M4/M5 corridor ... ...
Category : Other Pets
22.Chocolate and white female fancy mice17/12/07No
Chocolate &white and Pale Chocolate and white fancy mice for sale, 4 all together all sisters and female. 6 for them all. Please email if interested & for photo's
Category : Other Pets fancy mice10/09/07No
Have a few baby fancy mice. They are all beige, males and females available. In a week or so there will be 2 silver, 1 grey and 1 black baby mice for sale also. Only want 2 quid each, or will do a deal on the lot.
Category : Other Pets
24.fancy mice28/08/07No
I have a few fancy mice for sale. most are beige and dark brown. Will have some more in a few weeks as mums are nursing fuzzys and pinkys at the moment too. females- 2.50 males 2.00 based in walsall west midlands
Category : Other Pets
25.Fancy Mice for Sale18/04/07No
Lovely, friendly fancy mice for sale. They've been handled from a young age and will make fabulous pets. Get in contact for photos, info etc.
Category : Other Pets
26.TSKA March 2007 Availability12/03/07No
TSKA: Exotic Species Availability Southern Flying Squirrels Eastern Flying Squirrels Japanese White Bellied Squirrels Turkish Spiny Mice African Pygmy Mice Multimammate Mice White Necked Black Footed Squirrels Mouse Like Hamsters Deer Mice Greater Egyptian Jerboas Lesser Egyptian Jerboa... ...
Category : Other Pets
27.Pedigree Fancy mice01/03/07No are the UK's number one supplier of pet fancy mice. We have over twenty years experience of breeding and exhibiting and we have won in excess of 600 show awards. Our mice are exported all over the world. We specialise in tame, friendly mice, ideal for children as their first pet.... ...
Category : Other Pets
28.naked mice and fancy mice babies24/02/07Yes
naked mice 5 each fancy mice 2 great kids pets ready now , will deliver locally or maybe further for petrol costs.
Category : Other Pets
29.naked mice and fancy mice babies22/02/07Yes
ready now . can deliver locally. naked mice 8 each or 12 for two. fancy mice 2.50 or 2 for 4.00 great kids pets and beautiful little things with great chatacters
Category : Other Pets
30.naked mice and fancy mice babies15/02/07Yes
naked mice 8 each fancy mice 2.50 im in telford area , great kids pets , lovely temperaments
Category : Other Pets
31.naked mice and fancy mice babies09/02/07Yes
naked mice 8 each fancy mice 2.50 ideal kids 1st pet. 2 cages also available at 10 each , contact kerry for details on 07791965214 or
Category : Other Pets
32.naked mice and fancy mice babies06/02/07No
naked mice 8 each and fancy mice 2.50 ready in 2 weeks , for loving homes only call 07791965214 telford area
Category : Other Pets
33.Mammal Sales15/11/06No
Young Husky Rats 8.4 available 6 single 10 two 15 trio Multimammate's Agouti (plain, spot and pied) dark eyes Cinnamon (plain, spot and pied) dark eyes Argente (plain, spot and pied) red eyes Champagne Argente (plain, spot and pied) red eyes 5 each, take more than 4 get 1 off per mo... ...
Category : Other Pets
34.fancy mice.. bald, texel, satin, tan, fox, broken13/10/06Yes
mice!!! in all sorts of colours and all sorts of coat types... start at 2.50 each. broken satin texels.. baldies... satin tans.. constantly amazed at the varitey of colours and coat types! sexed and hand tame.. mice make great kids pets.. teach them responsibility, and give them something to... ...
Category : Other Pets
35.Baby fancy mice for sale in Edinburgh10/05/06Yes
Baby fancy mice. Bred by a small scale breeder from show stock. Black banded and self. Handled extensively so very tame. 14 day guarantee. Get in touch for more information.
Category : Other Pets
Euro Lemmings, Dumbo Rats, Satin Mice, African Pygmy Mice, Winter White Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters, Duprasiis, Multimamate Mice, European Harvest Mice, Texal Mice, Husky Rats, Naked Rats, Albino Chipmunks, Normal Chipmunks, Texal Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Rabbits, Fancy Mice, Acacia Rats plus many more! ... ...
Category : Other Pets
37.Exotic Looking Sealpoint Siamese FANCY MICE Babies30/04/06No
FANCY BABY MICE FOR SALE.This Pedigree litter of quality babies are available with both SATIN and standard coats.These 14 mice are unusualy dark and extremely pretty with dark caramel coloured bodies and very dark points.Both sexes available to caring homes.Our babies have "bat ears",slend... ...
Category : Other Pets
38.Ponderosa Rodent Supplies26/03/06No
Stripped Grass Mice 47pr, African Pygmy Mice 50pr, Shaws Jirds 65pr, Multimammate Mice 5ea, Oldfield Deer Mice 90pr, Steppe Lemmings 50pr, Acacia Rats 23.50ea, Texxal Mice 6.50ea, Fancy Mice 4ea, Dumbo Rats 23.50pr, Naked Dumbo Rats 20ea, White Ferrets 30ea, Sandy Ferrets 30ea, Guinea P... ...
Category : Other Pets
39.Pedigree Fancy Mice11/10/05No
FANCY-MICE.CO.UK are the top fancy mice suppliers in the UK. We have been breeding and exhibiting for over twenty years and have won in excess of 500 show awards. Our mice are regularly exported around the world. We can also supply cages specifically designed for mice at a greatly discounted price ... ...
Category : Other Pets
40.Fancy Mice for Sale (Edinburgh)29/09/05Yes
Dunedin mousery - Fancy mice breeder located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. We breed fancy mice for both pet and show from show quality mice. Members of the National Mouse Club (UK).
Category : Other Pets
We are closing but still urgently need to find loving homes for unwanted or abandoned rodents, Gerbils,babies & adults available, single & groups,some nice colours available, tanks available. Fancy mice, two female one black and one black/tan. Must go together. Young. Friendly and tame. Male black ... ...
Category : Other Pets

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