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1.2 Fancy rats for sale to a good home 5018/06/11Yes
My two rats IRIS and JUNO need a new home. They are very shy and need someone with paitence to help them along. They will come with their cage and all of its contents and any food I have left.
Category : Other Pets
2.NEW WORLD EXOTICS nottingham EXOTIC MAMMALS stock list MAY 201106/05/11No
CB10/11 5.5 Zebra Mice 9.99 CB10 0.4 Agouti Degus 15.00 CB10 3.0 Agouti Degus 20.00 CB10/11 0.0.8 BABY Duprasi 30.00 CB10 1.1 Texan Spotted Ground Squirrels 155.00 CB10/11 2.2 Bushy Tailed Jirds 25.00 missing tails CB11 0.0.4 Bushy Tailed Jirds 40.00 CB11 0.2 Acacia Rats 45.00 CB11... ...
Category : Other Pets
3.Free fancy Rats for good home28/04/11No
Two mature fancy Rats for free for good home. Comes with large cage and accessories. Gentle with children. Free to good home.
Category : Other Pets
4.L D Exotics december stocklist (delivery available)17/12/10Yes
collared lizards - 45.00 each or 80 a pair Baby bearded dragons - 19.99 (free with complete set-up) CB cuban knight anole - 29.99 green anoles 9.99 each Sub adult bearded dragon males - 39.99 (free with complete set-up) Sub adult female bearded dragons - 65.00 adult male bearded dragon... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
5.Fancy Rats05/08/10No
2 x Male Fancy Rats, Free to good home, complete with Large Cage. Really cute and used to being handled. Must be able to collect
Category : Other Pets
6.L D Exotics stocklist29/06/10No
our current stocklist as of today. loads of new stock due in this week so watch out for updates snakes Boas female bolivian short tailed boas adults 1 left was 275 OFFER 249 adult pair amazon tree boas male 89.99, female 139.99 or pair for 199.99, proven pair 09 various hypo boas ... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
7.fancy rats babys01/01/10No
i have 5 rat pups for sale 3 boys and 2 girls, 2 girls and 2 boys are cream and one boy are blue im asking 10 each or two for 15 i handle them so they are used to human contact and they was born on 2nd of december i will sell them at 4 weeks of age. photos and more information can be sent... ...
Category : Other Pets
8.Rats For Sale In January (Early Listing)24/11/09No
I currently have a litter that will be ready for sale in January. There will be different varieties. If you contact me now I will hold kits back as they sell very fast. Dumbo/Fancy Rats 10 Parents can also be seen
Category : Other Pets
9.Baby Fancy Rats for sale!01/02/09Yes
I have 5 male and 5 female black hooded fancy rats for sale and 1 male black berkshire dumbo for sale. As rats are very social animals i wont be selling them singularly unless you can prove you already have companions waiting for them! All babies are weaned and have been introduced to water et... ...
Category : Other Pets
10.Fancy Rats20/03/08No
fancy rats available top ear, dumbo, rex, double rex, rex dumbo, double rex dumbo, naked many colours available, pics on request delivery quotes available to the following areas in the next week or so Lincolnshire suffolk & norfolk/cambridgeshire (route dependent) beds/bucks/herts M25... ...
Category : Other Pets
11.Fancy Rats For Sale07/01/08Yes
I have 5 baby fancy rats for sale. All are exceptionally tame due to daily handling and love nothing more than to come out and have a play and get some love. Beautiful markings and in perfect health. An ideal pet for young children and adults alike. I am selling them at 3.00 each or 5.00 ... ...
Category : Other Pets
12.TSKA March 2007 Availability12/03/07No
TSKA: Exotic Species Availability Southern Flying Squirrels Eastern Flying Squirrels Japanese White Bellied Squirrels Turkish Spiny Mice African Pygmy Mice Multimammate Mice White Necked Black Footed Squirrels Mouse Like Hamsters Deer Mice Greater Egyptian Jerboas Lesser Egyptian Jerboa... ...
Category : Other Pets
Category : Other Pets
14.6 male and 2 female rats need a home urgently.01/11/05Yes
i have 6 male and 2 female fancy rats that need homes asap as they are too demanding for our current life style, can be used as feeder breeders but not for live feed.
Category : Other Pets
15.Wanted - Any Unwanted Fancy Rats17/09/05No
Loving Home Waiting,Dunstable Area Only, Unless Delivered
Category : Wanted

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