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2014 lovebirds for sale. Nyassa's, blue fischers, opaline lutinos, ready to breed next year 28 each
Category : Birds
2.Loads of new exciting Reptiles in at The world of fish and pets Birmingham15/08/13No
We have had alot of new stock in this week new stock include Grown on green Iguanas Pair of Xantho Jacksons Chameleons Large Fischers male Chameleon - he is absoultly stunning and soo bright green Blue eyed Pygmy Chameleons Nosey bee Panther Chameleon Cane Toad Emeperor Scorpions back in st... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
3.The world of fish and pets , Birmingham14/08/13Yes
We are a Reptile, Aquatic , pet shop located 10 mins from Birmingham airport and NEC We have new stock coming in each week this week 13/08/2013 we have in Juvenille Iguana Jacksons Chameleons Panther Chameleons Fischers Chameleons Blue eyed pygmy Chameleons Yemen Chameleons Bearded drag... ...
Category : Retailers Specials
4.Fischer Lovebirds for sale21/06/12Yes
Fischer Lovebirds for sale hen bird 20
Category : Birds
5.Proven breeding pair Fischers lovebirds11/02/12Yes
As above. Very active pair of Fischers. Currently sat on eggs. Have photo's of previous young chicks of theirs. Semi tame. Had both birds land on me when we hand reared a chick and the chick was on me all the time. What you get is a gorgeous pair of breeders, cage, nest box that attaches to the cage... ...
Category : Birds
Blue & White Fischer 2010/2011....(Aviary).... Bred 30 A Pair.. Buyer To Collect With There Own Cage... Please Tel - Barry 07582125486
Category : Birds
7.Fischer, Peach face and masked Lovebirds for sale02/01/11Yes
We have lots of beautiful lovebirds for sale, all variety of colours.
Category : Birds
We have masked, fischers & opaline lovebirds available. All aviary bred birds in green, violet, cobalt & blue
Category : Birds
9.Fischer Lovebirds from Outdoor Colony For Sale13/06/10Yes
Super Happy Fischer Lovebirds in Great Condition from winter hardy outdoor breeding colony that encourages healthy natural environment. 10-15 Birds available. 10 per bird - cash only pick up London NW3 only for suitable prospective clients 21+, with appropriate outdoor aviaries. Min 2 bird... ...
Category : Birds
10.Wanted Lovebird Pairs04/05/10No
Wanted Lovebird Pairs. Particularly interested in Normal and Blue Masked. Normal and Lutino Peach Faced. Normal and Yellow Fischers. Must be in good colour. Fair price paid. I am in Prestatyn, Denbighshire.
Category : Other Pets
11.cellestial parrolets03/05/10No
parrolets,14 months old,one green,one blue.will sell £40 pair or swap for a breeding pair/12 months + old black masked/fischer love birds.can collect/deliver around merseyside area.
Category : Birds
2 lovebirds 1 blue fischers 1 normal nice birds 25 pair
Category : Birds
masked lovebirds and fischers nice birds rung ready to breed 25 a pair ring 07810882499 thanks
Category : Birds
2 breeding pairs masked lovebirds over 1yr old rung also fischers lovebirds in blue and normal ring for details 07810882499
Category : Birds
15.mammals, rodents, birds and more 14/01/10Yes
sugar gliders 100 each grey squirrels 150 each japanese squirrels 150 each prevosts squirrels 325 each tenrecs 120 each APH, albino 120 each Perney squirrels 125 each Gambian pouched rats 200 each Richardson ground squirrels 100 each Pygmy Mice 15 each or 4 for... ...
Category : Other Pets
16.Fischer Lovebirds normal greens15/10/09Yes
2 normal green fischers 09 birds 20 each 2 possibly split normal green fischers 09 birds 20 each 1 pastel normal green fischer, gorgeous colour 09 bird 20 All closed rung, feather perfect, fruit and veg fed daily. Can make unrelated pairs. Stoke-on-Trent
Category : Birds
17.Young Masked Lovebirds For Sale13/10/09Yes
HI I have the following young birds for sale: 4 x Olive Green Masked (Born Aug 2009) Fully weaned onto seed and nearly all feathered 15 each 4 x Pastel Green Masked (Born Aug 2009, 1 x born July 2008) Fully weaned onto seed and nearly all feathered too 15 each 2 x Dark Pastel Green Mask... ...
Category : Birds
18.Wanted - x2 Fischer Lovebirds, Babies (Hampshire)28/11/08No
I am looking for 2 fischer baby lovebirds in the hampshire area, within gosport, fareham or portsmouth.
Category : Birds
19.Fischer & PeachFaced Lovebirds For Sale30/04/08No
Beautifull Birs Various Colours,20.00 each Some Pairs. Kirky in Ashfield Nottingham. 01623 759 758
Category : Birds
20.lovebirds masked fischer peachfaced north east13/01/08Yes
As a long time hobbyist i often have a number of spare birds for sale in a variety of colours prices to suit all from pet to show quality BABYS AVAILABLE NOW from 10 each can deliver for petrol cost please contact me on 01287 204111 or mail me at [email protected]
Category : Other Pets
I have two young lovebirds for sale (5 months old) One is a Fischer's & the other is a blue mutation. Their cage measures 78cm H x 72cm L x 45cm W. It comes with all perches, feeders etc. There is also some food, grit, sandsheets etc. I do not know the birds sexes, they are too young. Buyer to co... ...
Category : Birds
22.3 Love Birds for Sale05/12/07No
Love Birds, one Peach Faced, and two Fischer's. Also, large brass cage with stand, toys and food. These tiny parrots love company and are great little characters and very chatty. Good home essential with plenty of time to care for them. Birds, cage, food and toys, 80.00.
Category : Birds
23.FOR SALE 4 LOVEBIRDS25/04/07Yes
2x 05 peachfaced hens 15 each , 1x 06 ringed green fischer hen 20, 1x 05 lemon/white lutino hen 15. or can swap for yellow peachfaced cock bird or blue fischer hen or blue masked hen no older than 2 years.
Category : Birds
24.Chameleons for sale04/12/06No
Pygmy Chameleons; Rhampholeon brevicaudatus - 45.00 pr Rhampholeon Teporalis - 60.00 pr Rhampholeon Nchisensis - 60.00 pr Rhampholeon Ulugurensis - 65.00 pr Chameleons; Chamaeleo Dilepis 60.00 each Chamaeleo Rudis 80.00 each Bradypodion Fischeri 70.00 each Due in next week: Cha... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
25.Fischers Lovebirds For Sale17/09/06Yes
One pair of Fischers Lovebirds (male and female) and one suspected male. Beautiful colours approx 8 months old. All equipment and food included. Pair for 35, single for 15. Will sell all three for 40.00. Pair in one cage and single in another. Pair have started to nest and show signs of bre... ...
Category : Birds
26.birds for sale13/06/06No
17 lovebirds this years birds except 5of last years lutino peach faced fischers 12 each,3 pair diamond doves 14 pr, proven meyers henc/r 01 bird 150 pics can be sent if you e-mail me
Category : Birds

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