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1.Green Iguana with or without set up @petwarehouse19/04/16Yes
Green Iguana with out set up £120 with set up £400 Tame feeds well sheds well Great lizard to keep.. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO 01484 519601 [email protected] WE DO NOT OFFER DELIVERY SERVICES OUTSIDE HUDDERSFIELD.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
2.Water Dragon ,Beardy and Iguana for sale.17/02/16Yes
JUST ARRIVED 2 x 12" Red Iguanas @ £89.00 each .Plus 2 X 12" green Iguanas @ £69.00 each . 2 year old Bearded Dragon Baby tame good feeder Loves affection £50.00. Also 3ft X 2ft X 2ft brand new Viv in a Cherry finish melamime with U V Light, Heat Lamp ,Wood and Bark chippings Just £175.00. 2 Foo... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
3.Lizards: 10/02/1623/12/15Yes
LIZARDS: CB14 Nosey Faly Panther Chameleon Male £225 CB15 Nosey Mitsio Panther Chameleon Females *OFFER £70* CB15 Nosey Faly X Nosey Be Panther Chameleon Females *OFFER £70* CB15 Nosey Bava Panther Chameleon Females *OFFER £70* CB15 Nosey Faly Panther Chameleon Females *OFFER £70* CB15 Piskiba... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana29/12/14No
male, 3 years old, plus the whole set up with viv, very well looked after
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
5.iguana and large viv07/07/14Yes
for sale is my green iguana male 4ft head to tail he come with a large viv size 6x4x4 come with 250w heat mat, 150w day basking light, 4ft day light, and a 4ft uv and uvb lamp new with starter viv is all kited out with large logs plants ect a bit about the iguana his name is Sid he 4years old he 4ft... ...
Category : Other Pets green iguana wanted20/05/14Yes
baby green iguana wanted dont want adault as want to rear from baby been doing alot of reaserch for the last couple of mounths so i no what im getting in to let me no if u no somewear that sells them or a privet breeder yer thanks eny hep woud be grate thanks
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
7.3ft green iguana08/02/14No
nice lizard,its a little but skittish but is getting better. can send pics. £70 ono
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
8.Small green iguana with large home12/01/14No
I have a small green iguana complete with 6ft x 3 ft x 18 inches plus al the equipment . We have had him now for three years and he is around 35 cm. my son expected him to grow bigger but he hasn't so my son has lost interest in him based in Portsmouth I would like £30 for Iguana and home.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
9.Loads of new exciting Reptiles in at The world of fish and pets Birmingham15/08/13No
We have had alot of new stock in this week new stock include Grown on green Iguanas Pair of Xantho Jacksons Chameleons Large Fischers male Chameleon - he is absoultly stunning and soo bright green Blue eyed Pygmy Chameleons Nosey bee Panther Chameleon Cane Toad Emeperor Scorpions back in st... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
10.need a custom vivarium builder12/08/13No
looking for a vivarium for my green iguana 6ft high 4ft wide 3ft deep
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
11.Juvenile iguanas in stock at the world of fish and pets27/07/13Yes
Some nice juvenile green iguanas in stock here at the world of fish and pets, birmingham, they are around 2/2.5 ft in length not the tiny hatchlings upyou usually see , lovely specimens. Just £69.99 Come by and see them along with many other reptiles, fish and furries We are open 7 days a week w... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
12.Baby Green Iguana25/09/12No
baby green iguana about 4 months old eats and poos fine typical iguana behaviour runs away from you but still very young £40
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
13.Green Iguanas01/08/12Yes
Established 1999 Worcester Reptiles now has an online store. We are able to take payments by Credit/Debit cards and Paypal. Please research about these lizards before considering purchasing one. These like all other animals should never be purchased on impulse. Hatchling Green Iguanas £34... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
14.3ft FEMALE GREEN IGUANA -- * SOLD Thanks Pets Classifieds*15/06/12Yes
Hi, I am selling my 3 ft female green iguana and her Vivarium and full setup, including :Thermostat, light controller, 2 hanging Ceramic heaters with reflectors,a UV light,large woods for climbing etc. Viv Dimensions: 50"x18" x 52"high. Made with MDF Beige colour with 2 large glass sliding doors ... ...
Category : Other Pets
15.The Living Rainforest Updated Stocklist 26/06/1214/06/12Yes
Lots Of Different Reptiles For Sale & Live Animal Courier Direct To Your Door. Cf11 Red Iguana's Cf11 Green Iguana's Cb11 Jackson Chameleons (C.j.xantholophus) Cb11 Helmeted Chameleons Cb05 Sulcata Tortoises Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs Adult White's Tree Frogs Adult White Lipped Tree Frogs... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
16.Green iguana Free to good home06/06/12No
I Have a green iguana to give away to a good home I have had him for 3 and a half years he is a male and quite carmel I say quite because I haven't had time to spend with for a while now Due to newest job he Neva goes for me or whips me he just runs away until I force hold him but will carm down wit... ...
Category : Retailers Specials
17.Visit the Funky Fish & Reptile Store this weekend.13/01/12Yes
Here at the Funky Fish Aquarium & Reptile Centre we stock a great selection of Vivariums, Heating, Lighting, Substrates, Decor and aquatic equipment too. Quality frozen foods are stocked and live foods are delivered fresh every week. We do not sell online because we prefer to deliver our first c... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
18.L D Exotics MEGA stocklist 16th december16/12/11No
Mammals 22 week old marmoset monkeys £2250 the pair 7 month old tame male black n white skunk £550 30 month old tame male black n white skunk £550 (father to above) steppe lemmings £15 each Sugar glider males £150 Sugar glider females £175 Sugar glider pairs £250 Japanese white bellied sq... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
19.l d exotics november stocklist14/11/11No
Mammals Sugar glider males £150 Sugar glider females £175 Sugar glider pairs £250 Prairie dog pairs £450 Japanese white bellied squirrel pairs £395 Degu males £15 or 2 for £25 Degu females £20 or 2 for £35 Acacia rats £25 or 2 for £45 Shaws jirds £35 Persian jirds £25 or 2 for £45 Fe... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
21.Green Iguana for sale03/06/11No
Beautiful Boy around 2 years old. Needs large enclosure and seems to prefer men. Not aggressive. Likes to wander around and eats like a horse! Experienced keepers only please valid reason for parting with him May consider swaps
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
22.5YR OLD GREEN IGUANA FOR SALE £125ono29/05/11No
5YR OLD GREEN IGUANA FOR SALE £125 ono. Bristol. I THINK IT'S A BOY BUT NOT 100% SURE. Iguana glass tank is damaged so won't be able to be moved without it smashing. If wanted Iguana comes with heat matt, thermostat x2, UV light connections, 2 logs, food and water dishes. ALL YOU WILL NEED IS A ... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
23.Iguana Baby Sticks 300ml16/02/11Yes
300ml (55g) ---- 3.00 Basic sticks with high content of carefully selected ingredients of plant origin for everyday feeding of juvenile and adolescent green iguanas, up to 2½ years old. IGUANA BABY STICKS is manufactured only from top quality natural material to meet the dietary requirements of tho... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
24.reptile collection for sale05/01/11No
hi there i have some of my reptile collection for sale i have as follows: *cb2010 4 bearded dragons 2 blood reds £30each, 1 lemon ice x orange citrus £50, 1 hpyo snow x normal £30 all 4 around the 4 month mark *adult trio of bearded dragons 1 male cb08, 2 females cb09, male is a brightist s... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
25.Green iguana05/01/11No
14 month old green iguana for sale comes with 4 ft viv and set up selling due to needing space
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
26.Iguana wanted20/10/10No
I am looking for a ultra tame adult or sub adult Green Iguana. Ideally I am looking for a hand reared Iguana who is comfortable with being handled. I am an experienced Iguana keeper with all of the correct life support equipment. I will pay top price for the right Iguana. Thanks Gary
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
27.female green iguana30/08/10No
hi i iam a small private breeder of lizards selling green iguana, female great health looks fantastic please text or email looking for £80 pick up from torquay devon .
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana27/08/10No
hi is there any1 saling green iguana plz
Category : Other Pets
29.Daves Reptiles16/05/10No
Welcome to Daves reptiles Here we have a wide range of lizards, snakes, amphibians and invertebrates. All our reptiles are handled on a regular basis and are healthy, eating and shedding well. Heres a small list of a few exotics we have: cb09 Red Iguana's £90 each ono cb09 Green Iguana's £... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
30.Female Iguana Wanted20/04/10Yes
Hi im looking for a female iguana as a companion for my 5ft male green iguana.I have had my big guy for about 7 years and he is the tamest iguana i have ever seen.I work for a reptile rescue center so i have lots of experience in reptile care.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
31.Green Iguana (Swaps)04/03/10No
looking to swap a green iguana for 09 snake/s igg is around 12-15 months little skittish until u have him outta the viv but then is fine contact me with offers
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
i have to get rid of the little guy due to me not having the time to care for him he is about 3 month old and just bigger than a foot he is amazing and i dont want him to go. i would appreiciate it if anyone who is interested knew about these lizards as they are not a pet for beginners. i am get... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
33.Green Iguana For Sale13/02/10No
FOR SALE: Green Iguana, approx 2 years old. 2 ft in length. Comes with 4 ft Vivarium, ornaments and UV Light. Feeds well on mixed fruit and veg. A real character. Selling due to relocation. £150 everything
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
CHEAP SNAKES AND REPTILES AND DELIVERY SERVICE VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR GREAT PRICES Choose your new exotic pet! Pre-Orders Be the first to pre-order the latest pets! WE ALSO DELIVER TO YOU! Amphibians Frogs Newts and Salamanders Other Amphibians Toads Inverts Centiped... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
35.WANTED: Baby Green Iguana.05/01/10No
i want to buy a baby green iguana preferably under 8 months old i can swap for bearded dragons or pay cash i have been researching them for about four months my viv is almost ready all i need is uv light. PAY £60
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
36.Books For sale19/12/09Yes
• Diseases of Reptiles • Fantastic Frogs • The Encyclopaedia of Reptiles and Amphibians • The Living Boas • Reptile and Amphibian Parasites • The Guide to Owning a Bearded Dragon • The Guide to Plants in the Reptile Terrarium • The Guide to Owning a Savannah Monitors • The Guide to Owning a ... ...
Category : Other Pets
VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR GREAT PRICES Choose your new exotic pet! Pre-Orders Be the first to pre-order the latest pets! WE ALSO DELIVER TO YOU! Amphibians Frogs Newts and Salamanders Other Amphibians Toads Inverts Centipedes Cockroaches Millipedes Other Inverts Praying Mantis Scorpio... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
38.breeding pair of green iguanas11/09/09No
I am selling my breeding pair of green iguanas, they are about 3 yrs old, the female is a little bigger than the male and she’s the boss. they are about 3ft each to tip of tail. She layed her first clutch of eggs in April (17 in total) so they are a proven pair. They love to come out and have a roam... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
39.breeding pair of green iguanas and full setup26/08/09Yes
I have a Breeding pair of green iguana that is about 4 feet with complete accessories. has never whiped anyone or bit anyone. Great natured just trying to narrow down the reptile collection.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
40.Green iguana very cute 60 pound24/08/09No
Hi, I have a unsexed green iguana he is aprox 9months old and abit skittish because of his age can become very tame and i purchased 2 from my local pet shop and they do not get on with each other and it is bullying my other 1 and i need it to go asap 60 no offers
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
All our live food £2.00 a box fresh ever tues and friday just some of our new stock just in, more on our website, over 80 vivariums fully stocked (not to order we have it all in stock to take away sameday) *****************LIZARDS*************** Baby Citrus GERMAN GIANTS Bearded Dragons £69... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
male green iguana around 2yrs of age must be around merseyside
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
43.Want To Buy A Young Green Iguana In Kent/Gravesend!19/03/09No
Hello i would like to buy a Green Iguana under the age of 1 year i do not wish to have an adult. i live in gravesend and would like to buy a green iggy around my area or close to gravesend town or if it could be deliverd it would be great too thank you! Email Me On [email protected] if you have o... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
44.Leopard geckos09/09/08No
I am selling a breeding pair of leopard geckos they come with a wooden viv about 2-3ft long 1-2ft high with sliding doors it is in excellent condition. the two geckos are in good condition and feed well and shed well they have never bitten me and love to come out to wonder. they come with a thermost... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
45.male iguana31/07/08No
for sale my 4 1/2 year old male green iguana very friendly easy to handle and good with kids / dogs for sale due to house move incs his viv £150 to good home only [email protected] for pics as this wont upload them or call 07967708031
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
46.WANTED a female green iguana26/07/08No
hi i'm after a female iguana to go with my current male as hes abit lonly i dont want to pay alot thou n a free 1 would b good. she will need to have agood attitude n b friendly n calm good condiction and around 4foot+ and not too old if any 1 can help me out that would b great thankyou tony
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana adult male for sale.....21/04/08No
stunning adult male green iguana for sale.... around 9 years old very tame loves a tickle... being sold through no fault of his own..not one ounce of aggression in his blood, comes complete with his viv and all accessories viv is around 6x5x3ft...very very reluctant sale..must go to a good home and ... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
48.18 month old iguana19/12/07No
green iguana with tank and heat mat. an ideal first reptile. genuine reason for sale. £175 for quick sale. buyer must collect. please call with any questions. photos to follow.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
49.I yr OLD MALE IGUANA FOR SALE!!03/12/07Yes
Beautiful Healthy Male Green iguana for sale! and is developing, getting bigger and developing his colours at the moment- he will eventually be yellow orange and black, he is approx. 75cm head to tail, included with aquarium, fully equipped heating system, UV lighting,ramps,humidity/temp. gauges, b... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana20/11/07No
Hi im after a young female green iguana in the devon area.I have a 3x4x6ft enclosure with mercury vapour lamp awaiting. thanks
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
51.Green Iguana17/09/07No
green iguana for sale, he is 2ft long, exetremely tame and loves his head being rubbed, also comes with full size vivarium which is 5ft 8 x 3ftm, it comes with all the heat pads and uv lights etc. will sell 400 ono, thanks jon
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
52.Wanted reptiles & snakes:13/09/07Yes
Im looking for the following babys. A Pair Of Baby Yemen Chameleons. Single Or A Pair Of Baby Green Iguanas. And Also A Baby Royal Python. I've Kept Reptile's for over 25 year's Now So I Tend To know what's what! As Regards The Keeping Of Most Reptiles.. We Also Offer A Good Home For Most ... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
53.male iguana for sale04/07/07Yes
2 & 1\2 year old male green iguana for sale/re-homing, only selling due to new business venture, which leaves me less time for him, he's tame & likes a stroke and a fuss, his tail is shorter than normal, but not entirely sure as to why...? would swop for a computer tower(as i need one for work) kent... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana01/07/07No
very tame iguana for sale, about 1-2 foot long, £400 with set up, £250 without call for more info
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
55.11 Month Old Female Green Iguana For Sale09/06/07No
Friendly female iguana, 16in in length. Eating and sheading well. Loves her greens. She does scrabble a bit but once you rub the back of her head she soon calms down and will hand feed. Experienced people only please. Comes with 3ft vivarium with accessories. Call 07734965818
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
56.Lizards for Sale04/06/07No
Selling due to moving house and have no room for my larger reptiles. Male Green Iguana for sale. He is approx 10yrs old, ready for breeding, lovely lizard. £80 ono Bosc Monitor for Sale. Un-known sex, lovely, tame never biten. Beautful colours. Great feeded, bit too greedy some times. £80... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
i have a male green iguana wich ive had since he was a baby brought him off a specialist breeder about 3 4 years ago hes about a teenager now with a bit of a strop from time to time but hes a right softy really only reason of selling is ive not got the time for him as i used to as to new business so... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
58.Books and Reptile Magazines for sale12/05/07No
I have the following for sale price includes p&p if wanting to see the front cover to make sure its one you want just email me or if you have any questions. Books Your First Snake £1 Understanding Reptile Parasites £2 The Green Iguana Manual £2 The general care and maintance of the beard... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
59.Iguana Wanted07/02/07No
Looking to rehome a green iguana, experienced with reptiles. Located in Aberdeen Scotland, may be able to travel anywhere in Scotland.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana15/01/07Yes
15" green iguana, beautiful colours, wicked attitude, very healthy and eating well, it's female i think. will consider a swop for a male beardie with cash either way...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana11/01/07Yes
i have a 9 month old green iguana for sale. sorry but does not come with viv.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
62.iguana wanted15/12/06No
green iguana wanted free to good home,i am a experienced keeper,glasgow area.i will swop a bt wireless hub and wireless phone(90 for hub 80 for phone)broadband,,brand new 07999077807
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana must go asap!29/11/06Yes
3ft iguana comes with 2 heat mats, heat lamp, uv lamp , 7 ft branches dual thermostat ,calcium ,book 160 ono
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
64.Green Iguana08/11/06No
Babygreen Iguana wanted, have rescued and cared for Iguanas before so excellent home awaiting. Vivarium etc included would be ideal.
Category : Wanted
65.Bites N Strikes livestock list 17/9/0621/09/06No
Snakes: 2006 CB Burmese pythons £65 2006 CB Albino Burmese python £225 2003 CB Burmese python (10ft, Tame)£240 2006 CB Royal pythons £85(1 left) 2005 CB Jungle carpet python (uk python line) £170 2004 CB Jaguar x Jungle Carpet python (uk python line) £235 2006 CB Common Boa x Red tail boa £... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
66.Baby Green Iguana for sale18/09/06Yes
8-9 week old Iguana for sale, we brought him for £120 as a baby but he needs more time and attention than we can give. Unfortunatly we can not offer any equipment with him just some wood bark bedding we have spare. please only get in touch if you have the time to look after him. (we assume him but s... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
67.various Lizards for sale05/08/06Yes
0.0.4 Sub Adult Desert Iguanas £50 each 0.0.46 Bearded dragons 4 weeks old £39 each 0.0.18 Bearded Dradons 4 months old £50 each 7.10.0 Adult Bearded dragons from £140 each 0.1.0 CB05 Yemen chameleon £55 0.0.3 Pallid Agamas £20 each 0.0.2 Star Agamas £20 each 0.0.6 moorish geckos £7 each Var... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
TORTOISES HERE IN STOCK Yellow Foots ( Geochelone Denticulata ) *** rare only 1 other breeder besides myself as i know of in the UK he charges £395 each for his hatchlings*** PARENTS NOW SOLD BUT HAVE PICTURES AND RECORDS OF BLOOD LINES we have about 20 eggs left to hatch UK C/B End of Febua... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
This page shows a list of the available animals from DC1REPTIULES. All animals are Captive Bred, unless stated otherwise. Availability may change at any time so please contact us for upto date stock levels. Couriers available for transport all over the UK Availability 07/05/2006 HERE IN S... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
This page shows a list of the available animals from DCTortoises. All animals are Captive Bred, unless stated otherwise. Availability may change at any time so please contact us for upto date stock levels. Couriers available for transport all over the UK Availability 04/04/2006 Yellow f... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
This page shows a list of the available animals from DCTortoises. All animals are Captive Bred, unless stated otherwise. Availability may change at any time so please contact us for upto date stock levels. Couriers available for transport all over the UK Availability 04/04/2006 Yellow f... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
72.Livestock list22/02/06No
Coast to Coast Exotics, 124 North Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 2EJ. TEL; 01325 283756. FAX; 01325 255060 E-MAIL; [email protected] Welcome to our new animal stock list. As always, there are additions and deletions as stock comes and goes. We usually manage to replace most species as the... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians iguana02/09/05No
6 month old lovely colours selling due to further education £60 without viv or £130 with viv contact 01642289226
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians

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