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1.Wanted Hand Reared baby Timneh Grey27/06/15No
I am an experienced parrot owner looking to purchase a hand reared baby Timneh Grey following the loss of my Hahns Macaw. I live in Devon so locally would be preferred but I am willing to travel or have delivery. 07815880005
Category : Birds
2.hahns macaw27/05/15No
hahns macaw for sale 4 years old tame eats weell very chatty friendly comes out sits on shoulders knees hands like to talk says a few words sad sale no cage included
Category : Birds
3.proven pair of hahns macaws for sale23/09/13Yes
proven pair of Hahns macaws perfect conditions very good active birds 400 for more information call me on 07773513777 or 01924500042 can take to Stafford if deposit paid
Category : Birds
4.various tame/aviary birds for sale20/06/13No
Birds 9 year old tame and talking umbrella cockatoo 995 Hand reared baby Senegal parrot 395 Hand reared hahns macaw 595 Semi tame African grey 695 Semi tame ornage winged amazon with cage 595 Hand reared green quaker parrots 225 or 295 with cage Hand reared dark green quaker parrots ... ...
Category : Birds
5.proven pair of hans macaw with eggs now for sale04/06/13No
proven pair of hahns macaws they are on 3 eggs now eggs are clear male have bit of scruffy feathers not to much female is perfect condition with DNA papers 450 no offers for more information call me on 07773513777 or 01924500042
Category : Birds
6.Small parrot wantrd24/05/13No
WANTED...A small parrot,either Hahns Rhinebeck.Complete with cage..Will swap my 5ft Aquarium with 10 Frontosa's..4 CLOWN LOACH..synodontis CATFISH.ALL fish are stunning and growin. Large fast.Buyer needs to pick up.
Category : Birds
7.Frontosa Aquarium24/05/13No
I have for sale,or exchange,my 60"x24"x18" acrylic aquarium,complete with external filter,heater & lights.There is 10 Frontosa's,3"-8"...4clown LOACH,2"-3"...1x synodontis catfish,10".Will sell for 200 or swap for Hahns macaw with cage.Buyer must collect.The fish are not for sale separately.
Category : Aquariums, Tropical Fish, Coldwater Fish & Ponds
8.Wanted Handreared Hahns Macaw07/04/13No
I am looking for a Handreared Hahns Macaw. Happy to wait for the right bird. Please contact me to add me to your waiting list.
Category : Birds
9.aluminium aviary 6ftx 3ft brinsea tlc-4 brooder pair of jenday and sun conures and african grey09/03/12Yes
(1)aluminium aviary for african grey cockatoo amazon macaw parrot 6ft X 3ft with swing feeder fitted with mint condition all jet washed 150 (2)brinsea tlc-4 brooder used condition fully working order 150 (3)proven pair of sun conures 300 and proven pair jenday conures 350 (4)4 x proven pair ... ...
Category : Birds
10.hahns macaw parrot 2 years old for sale10/12/11Yes
hahns macaw parrot 2 years old sami tame close ring top condition 300 call me on 07773513777 or 01924500042
Category : Birds
11.various hand reared birds for sale @ l d exotics ( notts)14/11/11No
Birds Bronze turkey 25 Slate turkey 30 Cockatiel 25 Coloured cockatiel 35 lutinos/ white faced Budgie 15 Love bird pair 55 Canary 15 Zebra finch 6 or 2 for 10 Chinese painted quail pair 15 Coloured Chinese painted quail pair 20 Red factor canary 25 Diamond dove trio with ca... ...
Category : Birds
12.l d exotics november stocklist14/11/11No
Mammals Sugar glider males 150 Sugar glider females 175 Sugar glider pairs 250 Prairie dog pairs 450 Japanese white bellied squirrel pairs 395 Degu males 15 or 2 for 25 Degu females 20 or 2 for 35 Acacia rats 25 or 2 for 45 Shaws jirds 35 Persian jirds 25 or 2 for 45 Fe... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
13.for sale20/08/11No
baby hand reared hahns macaw 14 weeks old very very tame starting to talk goes to anyone dna hen bird also 2 more orders being taken they are now 4 weeks old
Category : Birds
14.hand reared hahns macaw tame and talking for sale26/07/11Yes
hahns macaw parort hand reared very very tame and talks lots for words 5 years old close ring ready for breedingg aswell 300
Category : Birds
15.Hahns Macaw Echo including large cage & Toys10/10/10Yes
Hahn's mini macaws, Ara nobilis nobilis, also known as Red Shouldered macaws, are the smallest of the miniature macaws. They are predominately deep forest green with dark teal on the top of their heads above their beaks, and crimson red at the bends of their wings on mature birds. They have white pa... ...
Category : Birds
16.hahns macaw20/12/09Yes
Hans macaw 6 years old male so we have been told would like to be rehomed due to not getting on with our blue fronted amazons. Would come with cage and toys ideally single bird or some 1 with alot of time and experience as he is not hand tame. He is a happy bird and does say hello when spok... ...
Category : Birds
17.George Washington Seeks a Wife - Hans Macaw Wanted19/07/09No
George Washington Seeks a Wife george lost his wife last week, she sadly passed away, dispite all efforts to save her, he is grieving badly do you have a Hahns Macaw?, that you can no longer keep ? forever home offered with our George willing to travel please get in touch if you can help
Category : Birds
18.Small parrot wanted17/12/08No
Experienced parrot keeper looking for a young, hand reared (or less than 6 weeks old parent reared) Jendaya, Hahns Macaw, Caique or similar small parrot for family pet. Can collect anywhere in SW england and will pay cash although must be reasonably priced.
Category : Birds
I am advertising on behalf of a freind! ---------------------------------------- 1 pair of Hahns Macaws 475.00 for the pair or can split for 250.00 each! I have no other information or photos, it would be more appropriate to make a viewing as only serious buyers need apply. Please conta... ...
Category : Birds
20.Hahns Macaw15/03/08No
Due to change in circumstance, 4 yr old hahns macaw for sale complete with large cage which includes stand. Harness trained just starting to talk 500
Category : Birds
21.HAHNS MACAW PARROTS 25020/10/07No
Hahns macaw parrots hand reared cuddly tame.due to time wasters I still have this cheeky little fellow, he has just started to talk. 250 Hahns are the smallest of the macaw family, various shades of green with red under wings & on shoulders. lovely pets who can talk
Category : Birds
22.Wanted Hen Hahns Macaw18/06/07No
Wanted Hen Hahns Macaw. Must be DNA sexed with certificate. Require bird at least 3yrs old plus.Must be in very good health and good feather. Can be tame or aviary bird. Wanted as mate for my lonely cock Hahns.
Category : Birds
Hen hahns macaw wanted to go with loneley cock ready for breeding must be reasonabley .
Category : Birds
24.Hahns Macaw01/03/07No
For sale DNA sexed male Hahns Macaw, 3 yrs old, aviary bird. Perfect condition, beautiful bird.
Category : Birds
25.SALE: Baby Hahns Macaw06/12/05Yes
Baby Hand reared Hahns Macaw, silly tame, very funny, loves everyone. Starting to talk. 10wks old. Can also provide cage and toys.
Category : Birds
26.hahns macaw26/06/05No
hahns macaw hand tame and talking under 1 year old likes to chat and cudle also likes to go for walks on sholder.close rung with hatch certif and brand new cage 250 o.n.o.
Category : Birds

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