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1.Exotic Mammals in stock at Warrington Exotics19/09/14Yes
Exotic Mammals Lesser Egyptian Jerboas (Jaculus jaculus) 99.99 Pair of Greater Jerboas 249.99 Baby Sugar gliders in stock form 149.99 (WPE BRED) African Pygmy Dormice (Graphiurus murinus) (Micro Squirrels) 84.99 a pair or 44.99 each Harvest Mice 14.99 each African Pygmy Mice 14.99 eac... ...
Category : Other Pets
mice all colours,females 7 males 5 each hairless mice 10 multimammate mice 5 harvest mice 10 each spiny mice 10 guinea pigs same sex pairs 10 african pygmy mice 35 pr tel, 07768106186
Category : Other Pets
3.Harvest Mice24/03/13Yes
Harvest Mice Breeding age Juveniles available now. Babies available very soon. Norwich/Norfolk area. 5.00 each [email protected] Many thanks, Kirk
Category : Other Pets
4.gorgeous baby harvest mice :)07/07/12No
I have 5 young harvest mice for sale. Approx 2 months old. Both sexes (can be sexed if necessary) Theyre very cute and fantastic as a pet. Really easy to look after and dont need cleaning out anywhere near as often as normal rodents. Theyre happy to be held, or just left alone and are fascinating to... ...
Category : Other Pets
5.Baby harvest mice available in a few weeks24/03/12No
I currently have two pregnant females, ready to pop any day :) babies available 16-19 days after birth..advertising early as i don't want to be over run with them, as cute as they are! Very easy to care for, don't need cleaning often, don't smell and very entertaining to watch. 15 each..20 for a p... ...
Category : Other Pets
6.NEW WORLD EXOTICS nottingham EXOTIC MAMMALS stock list MAY 201106/05/11No
CB10/11 5.5 Zebra Mice 9.99 CB10 0.4 Agouti Degus 15.00 CB10 3.0 Agouti Degus 20.00 CB10/11 0.0.8 BABY Duprasi 30.00 CB10 1.1 Texan Spotted Ground Squirrels 155.00 CB10/11 2.2 Bushy Tailed Jirds 25.00 missing tails CB11 0.0.4 Bushy Tailed Jirds 40.00 CB11 0.2 Acacia Rats 45.00 CB11... ...
Category : Other Pets
7.Harvest Mice05/07/10No
Adorable tiny harvest mice...inquisitive, can be tamed and so enjoyable to watch. Male and female ready either on their own, non related pairs or groups. 10 sole, 15 pair, 20 trio.
Category : Other Pets
8.~ Mystical Mousery ~20/06/10Yes
Mystical Mousery Breeders Of Show Mice, Pet Mice, Harvest Mice & Spiny Mice <:3( )~~~<:3( )~~~<:3( )~~~
Category : Other Pets
9.Harvest mice06/06/10No
Young Harvest mice single sexed or unrelated pairs available.
Category : Other Pets
I am looking for 2 same sex Harvest mice or same sex African pygmy mice, I am willing to travel.
Category : Other Pets
11.Harvest Mice Wanted04/01/10No
Hi I am looking for harvest mice, preferably in pairs although would still be interested in any "spares". Can pay cash or swap for offspring of species i keep. I am based in hampshire although could travel a bit for several animals. have a look at my website to find out more ... ...
Category : Other Pets
12.Harvest mice27/10/09Yes
Baby harvest mice for sale. These are fascinating animals to keep and breed. 10 each, collection from Leicester area. Happy to give advice on housing, feeding and general set up to new owners - just get in touch. For more information about harvest mice visit my website: ...
Category : Other Pets
13.Harvest Mice For Sale16/09/09No
I have baby harvest mice for sale and ready to go now all 15 each. message for more info or pics.
Category : Other Pets
14.Harvest mice22/08/09No
I have 1 pair of Beautiful Baby Harvest Mice for sale at 25 a pair, plus 1 lonely boy at 12.50. These are becoming very rare in our counrtyside. I bought mine to photograph, to breed, sell on and set free! Why not do the same and let's get them breeding in the wild again!For collection only.
Category : Other Pets
15.harvest mice16/04/09No
5 baby harvest mice for sale,4 wks old. 10 each.collection only,from... izzy bizzy,station road,gypsy lane,swineshead,boston lincs.pe20 3ps.
Category : Other Pets
16.Harvest Mice for sale18/09/08No
Harvest Mice for sale Males and Females available 8 each
Category : Other Pets
17.Harvest Mice23/06/08No
Young harvest mice ready now in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. 10 each, 15 a pair. Contact for more details - collection only.
Category : Other Pets
18.TSKA March 2007 Availability12/03/07No
TSKA: Exotic Species Availability Southern Flying Squirrels Eastern Flying Squirrels Japanese White Bellied Squirrels Turkish Spiny Mice African Pygmy Mice Multimammate Mice White Necked Black Footed Squirrels Mouse Like Hamsters Deer Mice Greater Egyptian Jerboas Lesser Egyptian Jerboa... ...
Category : Other Pets
Euro Lemmings, Dumbo Rats, Satin Mice, African Pygmy Mice, Winter White Hamsters, Syrian Hamsters, Duprasiis, Multimamate Mice, European Harvest Mice, Texal Mice, Husky Rats, Naked Rats, Albino Chipmunks, Normal Chipmunks, Texal Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Rabbits, Fancy Mice, Acacia Rats plus many more! ... ...
Category : Other Pets
20.Exotic Small Mammals14/01/06Yes
Black Tailed Praire Dogs, Sugar Gliders, Pygmy Hedgehogs, Arabian Spiny Mice, Harvest Mice, Pygmy Door Mice, Deer Mice, Nile Rats, Acacia Rats, Dumbo Rats etc. Tel: 01242 513145 Stock changes regularly
Category : Other Pets

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