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1.Exotic Mammals in stock at Warrington Exotics19/09/14Yes
Exotic Mammals Lesser Egyptian Jerboas (Jaculus jaculus) 99.99 Pair of Greater Jerboas 249.99 Baby Sugar gliders in stock form 149.99 (WPE BRED) African Pygmy Dormice (Graphiurus murinus) (Micro Squirrels) 84.99 a pair or 44.99 each Harvest Mice 14.99 each African Pygmy Mice 14.99 eac... ...
Category : Other Pets
2.Pair of Greater Egyptian Jerboas for sale with viv.28/09/09No
I am reluctantly selling my pair (def male/female) of Greaters Egyptian Jerboas. They come with a 5' viv with heat and light. They are about a year old. I was hoping they could live in my bedroom but my other half is ridiculously allergic to them, so they're stuck in the spare room. Great home only.... ...
Category : Other Pets
Hi I hope someone can help! We are looking for breeding pairs of greater jerboas and bushy tailed jirds. Their habitats are all set up and waiting but we are really struggling to find any! Please email me at: [email protected] with any info. Many thanks Caroline.
Category : Other Pets
4.TSKA March 2007 Availability12/03/07No
TSKA: Exotic Species Availability Southern Flying Squirrels Eastern Flying Squirrels Japanese White Bellied Squirrels Turkish Spiny Mice African Pygmy Mice Multimammate Mice White Necked Black Footed Squirrels Mouse Like Hamsters Deer Mice Greater Egyptian Jerboas Lesser Egyptian Jerboa... ...
Category : Other Pets

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