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1.lovebirds with large cage for sale12/09/15Yes
Breeding pair of love birds with large cage plus 3 babies born on the 24th august
Category : Birds
2.5 Star Small Pet Boarding- Experienced care for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and more27/10/14Yes
5 Star Small Pet Hotel with Pets All Inclusive, Warrington. Need experienced care for your pets whilst you are away? Look no further! We are a mature couple living in Grappenhall with a love of small animals. We look after Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and many more in our purpose built heat... ...
Category : Other Pets birds28/12/13No
for sale 7 love birds 15 each breeding pair and young
Category : Birds birds in stock13/10/13No
budgies asstd colours 27. 2/50. rubino rosella 65. peachface love birds 80. pair canaries 40. bengelese finches 14.99 2/25. chocolate silverbills 35. 2/ 60. java sparrows 30.
Category : Birds
5.L D Exotics bird stocklist june 201228/06/12Yes
Birds Dna sexed pair pineapple phase green cheek conures 199 pair Male Senegal parrot, 2 years 175 Hand reared female eclectus 7 months 795 Hand reared Senegal parrot 350 Various colours lovebirds 55 pair Single love birds 27.50 Lutino rosellas 199 pair Female silver ringneck parake... ...
Category : Birds
6.Young Love Birds For Sale24/11/10Yes
YOUNG SWEET LOVE BIRDS, Pastelinos,Black Face, split Latinos,Cherry Face ...all colours 50.00 a pair.
Category : Birds
7.Looking for a pair of love birds (and a cage)07/10/10No
Looking for a pair of lovebirds to keep at home as pets. Please contact me if you have hand reared ones and be sure to send photos. Only contact me if you are in london! thank you!
Category : Birds birds30/07/10No
i got 8 peach face love birds sum 2 years old and sum 1 year old for sale 100 pounds the lot
Category : Birds
9.cellestial parrolets03/05/10No
parrolets,14 months old,one green,one blue.will sell £40 pair or swap for a breeding pair/12 months + old black masked/fischer love birds.can collect/deliver around merseyside area.
Category : Birds
10.canaries and love birds wanted28/04/10No
looking for the above will traval up a 100 miles cash waiting
Category : Birds
11.pair of love birds15/01/10No
We have a pair of love birds 08 birds aviery birds only 50 leeds west yorkshire sarah
Category : Dogs & Canine
ringnecks from 45 each rosellas 45 each love birds 55pr blue crowned conure 180 and cage 210 cockatiels 40pr redrumps 45pr budgies from 8 each javas 20pr celestrials x3 45 the lot crimson rosella cock 75 no offers blue fronted amazon 650 with cage 700
Category : Birds
13.closing down avairy08/11/09No
am closing down my large outdoor avairy i have the following to offer breeding pair of monk/quaker parakeets(with 4 offspring)green in colour breeding pair of love birds(peach faced)with 9 offspring(which are various colours blue/green/peach) 12 or 13 cockateils( have been breeding) 20 ish finc... ...
Category : Birds
14.Love Birds Looking for new home30/10/09No
Hi, I have two love birds looking for a new home, unsure of age. Lovely characters both are peached face but one is more of a red colour. Would love to keep them but they dont get on with my cat (funny that) I dont want any money for them just to know they will be looked after
Category : Birds
15.An orange and white head rare beautiful love bird15/09/09No
A gorgeous love bird loooking for new home for sale with the as new huge size cage only few months old with numerous toys included and 3 months supply of food free. only for just 60.00 originally bought the cage and the love birds for 250.00. bargain ! any body wants to see the pictures . ca... ...
Category : Birds
16.Love birds16/06/09No
2 Fisher Love Birds and cage for sale. These are lovely birds with loads of character. They are 4 years old. 40 Brighton
Category : Birds birds14/04/09No
i am looking for a pair of love birds free to good home as i have a bird avery and no birds and i llive in wolverhampton lease call 07748585467 if u have a pair off love birds to give me as they would be coming to a good home
Category : Birds
18.pair of Hand Reared love birds.... breading pair10/04/09No
i have a pair of hand reared my me love birds one yellow and the other green have no time for them so they have to go around 4yrs old they come with large cage 40
Category : Other Pets
19.WANTED- Cockatiels, Counres, Parrolets, Parakeets, Love Birds12/08/08No
I am looking for any of these birds - Cockatiels, Counres, Parrolets, Parakeets, Love Birds i am only looking for one of them not them all, but i would prefer a pair if possible. I would provide them with a good home with love and care. They must be hand reared and healthy. Please contact Phil on 0... ...
Category : Birds
20.3 Love Birds for Sale05/12/07No
Love Birds, one Peach Faced, and two Fischer's. Also, large brass cage with stand, toys and food. These tiny parrots love company and are great little characters and very chatty. Good home essential with plenty of time to care for them. Birds, cage, food and toys, 80.00.
Category : Birds
21.Love Birds wanted male and Female x 216/11/07No
I am looking for 2 love birds, nice colours, blue if possible. Male and female for breeding. Preferably within close proximity to South East London to pick up. Please contact me if you can help.
Category : Birds
22.VARIOUS CAGE& AVIARY BIRDS& doves11/11/07Yes
VARIOUS CAGE & AVIARY BIRDS KAKARIKIS,BUDGIES,COCKATIELS,FINCHES,SPARROWS,QUAIL(8 breeds)love birds,doves also over 100 breeds poutry/waterfowl hatching eggs+ white garden and fantail doves email for details
Category : Birds
23.masked lovebirds for sale05/10/07No
i am selling a breeding trio of masked love birds. 2xhens 1x cock bred twice this year and are trying to again .good fit avairy birds all 2 years old and unrelated 50.00 ovno or will swop for other birds
Category : Birds
24.AVIERY BIRDS02/10/07No
Category : Birds
25.Bird Seed Deliverd NationWide at very good prices01/03/07Yes
Bird Seed Deliverd NationWide at very good prices All types of parrot budgie love birds etc Peanuts sunflower seed sunflower hearts Small famlily run business
Category : Other Pets
26.two wonderful happy love birds price 100 which include a large cage08/02/07No
I have to happy lovebirds male and female, they need a new home as i have recently divorced my wife and am not able to take care of them the way they need to be taken care of. they are happy and chirpy and make wonderful pets to people who love love birds. so if you are interested please email me o... ...
Category : Birds
27.Peach Faced Love Birds23/10/06No
2 Peach Faced Love Birds for sale. 7 months old. Reluctant sale due to having lack of time to spend with birds. Complete with cage and accessories. 80 or sensible offers accepted. E-Mail address:
Category : Birds
28.wanted pair of cobalt slate love birds08/03/06No
i live in nottingham, but will collect.
Category : Birds
29.pair of peach faced love birds26/04/05Yes
these birds have now found a new home
Category : Birds

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