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1.White Crested Black polish show quality Day old chicks and Hatching eggs11/04/10No
Polish bantams are super friendly and fantastic for children. They look stunning in any garden and will happily come up to you for a cuddle. They are great layers of pure white eggs (very tasty). As you can see from my pictures these are really super quality & this is a great chance to own so... ...
Category : Birds
2.Wanted-Polish Bantam hatching eggs03/04/10No
I have gold laced polish bantams and would like hatching eggs from any other colours which could be posted to me in the next fortnight
Category : Birds
3.Wanted Bantams Scotland17/10/09No
I am looking dfor some bantam hens, to join our hens. Who have a happy home and free range on a half acre of grass every day. If possible, Silkies or Polish bantams Frizzle, or gold laced polish. Other types considered. Happy home waiting :o)
Category : Birds
4.Rare breed chickens/bantams25/07/09No
Appenzeller Spitzhauben Norfolk Greys Gold laced polish bantams All approx 10 weeks old Family reared 15 per bird
Category : Birds
5.White Crested blue and black polish bantams (also gold laced)21/07/06Yes
I have various polish bantams for sale including wc blue hens, wc black hens and rooster and 3 gold laced polish roosters and one pair of gold laced (superb lacing). All proper size and of show standard. Most are last years birds. prices range from 10 to 20
Category : Birds

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