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1.Reptile Vivariums For Sale20/10/14No
Qty 2 - Black wooden ADT Vivariums c/w lockable glass sliding doors and thermostatically controlled heating systems. Sizes No 1. (feet) 5(L) x 2(W) x 2(H) No 2. (feet) 4(L) x 3(W) x 2(H) Can sell separately 200 cash each o.n.o. Buyer to collect Carterton, Oxfordshire 01993... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
2.1 metre glass vivarium for sale with extras08/05/13No
For sale, a fully set up 1 metre length x 0.5 metre wide x 0.5 metre deep glass reptile vivarium with glass sliding doors. The vivarium has a heat mat, heat lamp, UV lighting, half a log hide, a feeding dish and a water dish. All in good working order. Please contact me with any questions on 07867 5... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
3.reptile vivarium22/10/11No
2 1/2ft x 1 1/2ft vivarium with 2 glas sliding doors. It is in good condition and has a small hole in the top towards the back for wiring. 45 o.n.o
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
4.Exo Terra Reptile Vivarium (Leopard Gecko & Bearded Dragon) Aquarium (Marine & Cichlid)06/08/11No
I am downsizing my pets (I seem to have spread a bit far - overflowing into the the kitchen) so I have decided this is how I will downsize bit of a mixed bag but something for every one I am no dealer just a pet lover who has to admit that I have gone a bit overboard and really need my living room t... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
5.Wirral Vivz - custom reptile vivariums and viv stacks built to order24/02/11Yes
Wirral Vivz Unit 7, 36 Beechwood Drive, Prenton, Wirral CH43 7ZU Reptile vivariums, viv stacks and R.U.B. racks built to order. 21 colours to choose from built to any size ( MAX - 9ft wide x 9ft high x 6ft deep for single viv ). New website now launched but still not finished : Web... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
6.2ft glass reptile vivarium21/01/11Yes
2ft glass reptile vivarium with heat lamp and heat mat...ready to go need the space ...fist 35 takes it ...bargain
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
A wooden Vivarium beech effect with light fitting and accessories 2' long x 15" deth and 15" width 40 can deliver local to wolverhampton Contact 07983 644 892 or 01902 840049
Category : Other Pets
8.55" Large Reptile ~ Snake, Lizard and Tortoise Vivarium For Sale01/06/10Yes
The Timber Range is our NEW design of reptile vivarium. The larger dimensions and unique design make this vivarium a superb habitat for most r PRICE - 124.99 The timber vivarium has a large window allowing clear viewing, plus two large air vents either side allowing a sufficient airflow. The v... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
9.GEKO 2 Foot / 24" Reptile Vivarium For sale01/06/10Yes
The Veneered Wooden Vivarium has been designed to look attractive yet contemporary allowing it to blend in with most household interior decor. The vivarium has many features including, clear viewing and easy access to your reptile. The vivarium also has features that make installing heating or light... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
10.* GEKO Reptile Vivarium Sets For Sale ~ Snakes, Tortoises, Geckos & Bearded Dragons01/06/10Yes
BRAND NEW RANGE OF GEKO REPTILE VIVARIUM SETS The GEKO sets have been designed to contain every thing you need and want for your reptile. It has the correct lighting and heating implements as well as a GEKO Digital Thermostat, which controls the enviroment. The set comes with a sturdy well design... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
11.4ft Reptile Vivarium & full set-up13/12/09Yes
Viv is in very good condition and is very sturdy and well-built. It has 2 glass panel sliding doors and a 3D background. The set-up includes a thermostat heater, UV lighting, various wood and rock features, water/feed bowl and a suitable substrate (play sand). Also included is a 30cm high tabl... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
12.Reptile Vivarium, custom built, lots of extras06/12/09Yes
For Sale a custom built vivarium 4.5' x 4' x2' + lots of extras We purchased this set up in August with a view to add it to our recently opened pet lodge, but had a change of heart, and have now decided to sell, this has not housed animals since we purchased it and when we bought it, it was 3 mo... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
VIVARIUM FOR SALE - Reptile vivarium for sale, dimensions 35"(W) x 18"(H) x 15"(D), lime oak solid wood, sliding glass front, heat mat and UV strip lighting included, excellent condition. 175 new, sell for 125 or nearest offer.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
14.reptile equipment20/05/09No
reptile vivarium equipment.ecostat still air incubator, heat mat,3 foot exoterra 10% tubes x 2 with starter unit, exoterra ceramic heat emitter x 2,living earth habistat dimmerstat, heat bulbs,with eddison screw fit ceramic holders and cable.all only used for a month 60 no offers, price these up in... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
reptile vivarium, 30 inches high 2 foot wide and 1 foot deep, higher rather than wider ideal for reptiles such as chameleons or water dragons.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
I have for sale a approx 14month old male bearded dragon and full set up. He eats and sheds well and very friendly. He is approx 19 inches long. I am only selling due to a change of circumstances. Comes with UV light and a spare that will need to be used shortly, habistat, basking light. Slate t... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
17.Reptile Vivarium Glass Cabinet23/07/08Yes
FOR SALE Reptile Vivarium Glass Cabinet 6" Depth 3'x4' excellent display Cabinet ideal for Chameleon/Snake or Climbing Reptiles Comes complete with:- Day Basking Lamp, Night Lamp (RED), UV Strip Light, Hygrometer, Thermometer, Waterfall, Mister/Fogger, Heat Mat. The glass door has b... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
18.Vivarium (would suit snake)28/07/05Yes
A large wood-effect reptile vivarium suitable for snakes or lizards. Full-length sliding glass doors with lock and key. 120cm (47") long X 38cm (14") X 38cm (14"). Complete with UV fluorescent light fittings and starter (approx. 30, no bulb included) and single standard light fi... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians

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