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1.pair of Silkie chickens12/08/11No
1 cock 1 Hen both pure silkies been home reared reluctant sale 25 THE PAIR
Category : Birds
2.Silkie chickens for sale05/07/11No
Hi i have a pair of silkies for sale,both are in excellent condition and both geton well.Have had chicks from them and all where raised sucsessfully. Also i have to spare silkie cockerals which are both in great condition. I would like 30 for the pair and 5 for the cockerals. plese call 0... ...
Category : Other Pets
3.Starlight Silkie chickens04/04/11No
Silkie breeder of Black and Blue Silkies, hatching eggs available to collect or post. Growers/chicks available.
Category : Birds
4.Silkie chickens and quail for sale14/04/10No
Silkies from 1day old to adult white,black,gold,partridgeand blue. Unrelated pairs and trios available, prices from 4. Quail from 1day old to adult, unrelated pairs and trios available. prices from 2. 07745677994
Category : Birds
5.selection silkie chickens25/11/08Yes
selection of silkie chickens for sale gold/blue/black/partridge all birds at grower age great for garden etc
Category : Birds
6.Silkie chickens10/04/06No
Wanted; i am desperatly searching for a Silke cockerel in the sussex area for my two hens. however I will also consider more hens as I would like to have a small flock rather than a trio. Perferably black but anyother colour either than white or gold will be just as readily accepted.
Category : Wanted

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