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1.Coffee tables converted to Tortois and Terrapin Tanks.25/03/16Yes
Here are some pictures of some of our Coffee table tank conversions.Prices start at 125.00 including U V lights and Heat lamps.JUST IN a Light Bamboo Wicker coffee table 42"x 21" x 15" pictures to follow .175.00 complete.5 types of Tortoise in stock to choose from. Tel 01202 720120. Sorry collec... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
2.Terrapin- Turtle Tank for sale,Bournemouth.24/12/12Yes
I am selling this large terrapin tank its 3 ft wide x15\" x 20\" tall with built in hood to conseal the lights glass Basking area to suit large or small Turtles with a ladder attached .The Tank price is 60.00. +Filter + 10.00 . Heater + 10.00. We also have another one 4 ft long x 18\" x 22\" in a... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
hi i have a 3ft reptile one terrapin tank for sale,complete set up inc external filter,both lights required,heater,gravel,basking dock,plants and best of all 2 large terrapins,the dock is attatched to the stone effect backing which also has a waterfall effect,this is in excellent used condition,wel... ...
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
4.Terrapin tank06/09/07No
Am looking for a large 4 foot tank for my two growing yellow bellied turtles as they are growing too big for their tank presently. Am in Birmingham area but am willing to travel and collect from anywhere in west midlands area. Please contact if you feel can be of help. thankyou
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians
5.Terrapin Coffee table Tank.03/10/06Yes
Here is an example of one of our unique custom built aquariums .3ft x2 ft coffee table with built under Terrapin tank.Only 150.00 Terrapins @ 19.00 extra.Others available collection only.
Category : Snakes Reptiles & Amphibians

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