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Unrelated pair of wallabies 4 year male 2 year old female offers over £650
Category : Other Pets
2.Pair unrelated wallabies16/12/16Yes
4year old male 2 year old female unrelated pair of lovely wallabies. Only experienced keepers please , they need a lot of space and for it to be secure.. 07773730100 offers over 800 pounds please
Category : Other Pets
3.West Sussex - Out ‘n’ About Dog Walking and Pet Care Services11/05/15Yes
My name is Louise and I've always had a passion for animals growing up. From a young age I knew that I wanted a career with animals and have a Bsc (Hons) in Animal Management. Having shadowed a local dog trainer I learnt a great deal and completed a basic instructor’s dog training course. Dais... ...
Category : Dogs & Canine
4.Wallabies Wanted24/05/09No
I am keen to find breeders of wallabies. I am interested in both Parma and Bennett’s wallabies Thanks Leo Thomas
Category : Other Pets
5.Wanting to buy redneck bennet wallaby.23/05/09No
Looking to buy wallabies. redneck/bennet wallabies. If anyone could let me know of guide me in the right direction it would be greatful. Many Thanks, Allen 003534371940 [email protected]
Category : Other Pets
6.Mininture Wallabies for sale.18/07/07Yes
Parma wallibies( hare size )for sale. Delightful pets,hardy and easy to keep. No licences etc required,just space. Trio with atleast one joey in pouch, £500-00 per trio. Plus one newly independant Joey £175-00.or £600 for the mob of four. Telephone 01206 504248. or [email protected]
Category : Other Pets
7.TSKA March 2007 Availability12/03/07No
TSKA: Exotic Species Availability Southern Flying Squirrels Eastern Flying Squirrels Japanese White Bellied Squirrels Turkish Spiny Mice African Pygmy Mice Multimammate Mice White Necked Black Footed Squirrels Mouse Like Hamsters Deer Mice Greater Egyptian Jerboas Lesser Egyptian Jerboa... ...
Category : Other Pets
8.all animal and exotics01/10/05No
looking for anything and everything rhea ostrich puma cougar goats wallabies etc for newly opened wildlife park in staffordshire all licences dwa etc swan pit animal kingdom newport shropshire tel 01785 823050 07792948163
Category : Other Pets

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