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1.Wanted baby Jill Ferret17/06/13No
I am looking for a baby Jill ferret for working. It does not matter if parents are not working ferrets. Contact 07503447355 if you know of any. Thanks.
Category : Other Pets
2.Baby Ferrets 9 Weeks old15/08/10No
Here we have a litter from my two jills and 1 hob. Both the mothers and father can be seen. The litter consist of 10 hobs and 7 jills in a variety of colours, (polecat, silver, caramel, light brown, dark brown, white etc). They are now 9 weeks old and are all eating and drinking on their own. I... ...
Category : Other Pets
3.Ferret Kits (silvers) & (sandys)28/07/10Yes
Male and famale ferret kits aged between 8-12 weeks. These are superior quality ferrets. Mother and father both working ferrets. Excellent for Work/Show/Pets. Often handled enjoys company of other ferrets. Collection Or Local Delivery. Call James On: 07870365516
Category : Other Pets
4.Ferret Kits - Working stock, very tame - will make good pets26/07/10Yes
These are good hard working ferrets from a no nonsence working strain. They have been fresh meat reared as carnivores should be. This is a strain i have developed for 22 years, hard working on rabbits and nimble enough to tackle rats Various colours from albino, silver/fawn, to dark polecat. Jills ... ...
Category : Other Pets
5.Ferret Kits17/07/10No
Hi we have some lovely ferret kits ready now polecat colours 3 hobs all weaned and well handled will make great pets or working ferrets as mothers work and fathers are pets parents can be seen These are lovely kits and are ready to move nowand we have kept ferrets for many years price 5 each p... ...
Category : Other Pets
6.Two Female Ferrets For Sale in Portsmouth20/12/09No
I'm advertising these for a friend, she has had to make the decision to give up her ferrets due to ill health, it's not the ferrets fault, they are both lovely and playfull. They are two spayed females. An albino and a polecat, roughly 18 months old, with a 5ft hutch and loads of good toys, b... ...
Category : Other Pets
7.wanted ferrets16/11/09No
working ferrets hobs or jills,come to good home and freindly children rotherham area
Category : Other Pets
8.working ferrets18/10/09No
wanted working ferrets due to mine being stolen so if anyone can help i will be greatful ,they will be going to a experienced home thanks tim ( derby )
Category : Other Pets
9.hob kit polecat ferrets for sale15/08/09No
Very well handled hob kit polecat ferrets for sale, they are weaned and ready to go, both parents live with owner 2 for sale due to having a bigger litter than hoped for. very friendly would make great working ferrets or pet ferrets. Please contact me for further information 10 ono
Category : Other Pets
10.white and red ferrets21/07/09Yes
white and red house reared hob kits - 2 great hob kits, raised in our house so very well handled, make excellent pets or working ferrets, mum and dad both work well. Both are white / cream with red on backs + head.
Category : Other Pets
11.WANTED Ferrets Male Kits31/03/09No
Hi I'm looking for two male kits. Not albino but any other colour is fine. Happy to wait until the Summer if need be. This request is for a pet not working ferrets. I'm used to caring for and training animals. Loving home with plenty of time to give them the attention they need. Please call 07... ...
Category : Other Pets
12.working ferrets01/01/09No
wanted working ferrets hobs or gills, contact 01452865957
Category : Other Pets
13.Working ferrets wanted Scotland02/11/07No
Looking for young adult/sub adult working Gill ferrets,ready for this winter season. Scotland only. Heather
Category : Other Pets

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