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1. Bulldog Pups 1400 : FOR SALE BULLDOG PUPS Ready on 22/11/2012 K.C registered English Bulldog pups, from excellent bloodlines, 2 bitches and 1 dog. All 3 s ... 18/11/12
2. Aviary Trap Cage, single self setting : Aviary Trap Cage, single self setting small light weight, height 224 mm width 140 mm depth 190 mm ideal for catching captive bred birds with ... 08/10/12
3. Tonkinese Cats from Scottish Breeder Phabbay : We have been breeding pedigree cats for over 20 years and are owned by our wonderful Tonkinese Siamese and Egyptian Maus. We live West Lothi ... 15/09/12
4. Handsome German Shepherd Dog FOR MATING STUD PURPO... ... : Tyson is a 2 year old German Shepherd with a straight back. Gorgeous, friendly and loyal temperament. He is very well trained, quick to lear ... 08/09/12
5. Aviary trap cage : Aviary trap cage (single) self setting 30 + p&p via pay pal [email protected] 07930687997 24/08/12
6. Trap Cage : Trap cages self setting made to order, singles, doubles, trebles, cages with side traps. ([email protected]) 07930687997. 20/08/12
7. 2012 ferret kits : 8 weeks old and ready to go on the 4th august both sexes and various colours available 20 each or 35 for 2 tel rob on 07936416637 09/07/12
8. Baby Syrian Hamsters : Hello, we sell baby Syrian hamsters, that are bred privately. We sell both males and females, which are often colors of multicolored bro ... 08/07/12
9. Boy Staff Puppy.. cm23 5px : Boy Staff Puppy. He is very loving and playful..8 weeks old. .I have made some videos of him Playing with his Mum and Dad and also by hims ... 27/06/12
10. complete Marine Setup WITH fish. : I am selling our marine tank because we just don't have enough time to clean and look after it like it should be, it will be sorely missed a ... 06/06/12
11. Stunning Haflinger mare for sale : Trude is a 14hh, 12 year old gorgeous Haflinger mare. She will make a great 1st or 2nd horse, she is 100% with farm machinery and animals, d ... 14/05/12
12. 3 Hand Reared Senegal Chicks for Sale : I have 3 chicks that are a couple of weeks away from being ready to go. They are beautiful birds as you will see from the video I have uplo ... 14/05/12
13. INDIAN STICK INSECTS (With or without setups) : I currently have some young Indian stick insects for sale, they are approximately 1 inch long growing to 8-9cm, all you need to keep them is ... 27/03/12
14. WORMER PLUS 15.50/2000 gallons 6.00/500 gallons : WORMER PLUS, aquatic fish wormer, fluke & parasite killer. Many fish come from massive river systems where water changes all the time. Th ... 24/03/12
15. BIOZYM THE BEST WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY FOR TRO... ... : Biozym-tech is a world leader in bioinnovation. We are committed to the researchment and development of microorganism and microbial enzymepr ... 24/03/12
16. ARE YOUR FISH HAPPY ? PLANTS ? HOW IS YOUR WATER ?... ... : PROBLEMS ? I know. Always something going on . Algae , fish health , water quality , smelly , not clear , glass walls ....YES , small things ... 19/03/12
17. 2 Horsefield Tortoises with 4 ft Viv. : 2 very well termperamented horsefield tortoises, this offer includes both tortoises( 3yo ) a 4 foot long vivarium, heat matt and UV light... ... 31/01/12
18. EXMOUTH DEVON MALAWI BREEDER : hi have for sale some stunning malawi cichlids 1/ob alunacaras 4inch 10 2/sulpher head pecocks 4inch 20 3/tawieen reef male 4inc ... 13/01/12
19. Puppies for sale : Beautiful Dogue De Bordeaux puppies for sale, born on Monday 12th September. Boys and girls available will be KC reg and have had thier fir ... 01/11/11
20. bosc monitor and 5ft viv : bosc monitor and 5ft viv. Not sure of the sex as i had it as a rescue lizzard. but i have been told it is 1-2 years old. only rehoming due t ... 26/10/11
21. POULTRY & WATERFOWL FOR SALE : SILKIES FOR SALE, HATCHED 25TH MAY 2011, naturally hatched & reared and are fully hardy. I keep Auto Sexing Rhodebar, Barnvelder (Gold Laced ... 30/09/11
22. tumblers Iraqi High flying : hi to every one this is my new bird come especialy from iraq (basra)i love any one who has a roller pigion but a special kind of roller pige ... 25/09/11
25. tumblers iraqi pigeons : kurdish iraq faw basra hay flay oll my pigeons from iraq07944011708 31/08/11
26. Self White Adult - Ghent Kroppers for sale (Scotla... ... : I HAVE A STUD OF 10 ADULT SELF WHITE GHENT KROPPERS FOR SALE - 250 POUNDS THE LOT .. GOOD BREEDING BIRDS please note this is a genuine a ... 03/08/11
27. Oriental and Siamese kittens : Oriental and Siamese kittens available two wonderful soppy chocolate point Siamese male kittens available July. One chocolate Tabby point m ... 10/07/11
28. Chihuahua : long coat standard size Chihuahua pups 1 dog white body with a beige head must be seen, top quality, 1 bitch very small white in colour bo ... 05/07/11
29. Blue Eyed White Double Maned Lionhead Breeding Pai... ... : I have available a stunning pair of Blue Eyed White Double Maned Lionheads. They would make an ideal pair for anyone wishing to breed both a ... 20/05/11
30. Tropical Fish, Guppies, Swordtails, Mollies, 1 ea... ... : Tropical Fish for sale in Romford Essex (RM3), Juvenile Healthy Mollies, Guppies & Swordtails. Home Breed Juvenile Tropical Fish, Breed from ... 12/05/11
31. slovakian rough haired pointer 10 pups : slovakian rough haired pointer puppies (6 male 4 female) excellent pedigree. sire, rosetinted octavious. dam, silver nova aischa (fci).at d ... 01/05/11
32. gerbils for sale : young gerbils for sale 1.00 each 07411094010 29/04/11
33. kuwaiti roller pigeons : kuwaiti roller pigeons for sale 02/04/11
34. Baby Albino African Pygmy Hedgehogs : I have a litter of APH ready for homes 26th March, 2 females and 1 Male. All have very good pedigree and are very friendly and you can pick ... 17/03/11
35. major mitchell leadbeater cockatoo male : major mitchell leadbeater cockatoo male very healthy and beautifull bird perfect feathers call me for more details 1450 25/02/11
36. Dog Training Cheshire : Dawes Paws Dog Training Club, offering classes in Hyde and Dukinfield. One to one's across Greater Manchester. Private Boarding, Day, Care, ... 14/01/11
37. major mitchell leadbeater cockatoo male : major mitchell leadbeater cockatoo male very healthy and beautifull bird perfect feathers call me for more details 1450 10/01/11
38. 09 leopard geckos- Chatteris cambs : 9 various hypos het albino(#30) and normals het albino (#20). All very well grown on. Feeding on mealworms. Parents can be seen in the vide ... 27/12/10
39. COCKER SPANIEL X ROTTWEILER PUPPIES FOR SALE : We have 6 pups. One boy and 5 girls. They are 8 week old on sat 27th. They have all had their first injections and been wormed and health ch ... 25/11/10
40. African Pygmy Hedgehogs : We have 5 baby hogs for sale, born Friday 29th October. 3 Boys and 2 Girls. They will be available for collection around the 2nd week in ... 20/11/10
41. ~ Traditional Balinese Kittens ~ : Traditional Balinese Kittens We have 3 boys and 2 girls - blue and lilac only - only 2 yet unreserved. Born 1 September 2010, they will b ... 28/10/10
42. Only Purebred Traditional Balinese in the UK : Traditional Balinese Kittens We have 3 blue point boys, 1 blue point girl and 1 lilac point girl - several are reserved. Born 1 September ... 28/10/10
43. Livefood tubs from just 1.66 incl VAT directly fr... ... : We welcome you all to check out our new website where you can order a range of quality livefood directly from the breeder. Our history of ... 28/10/10
44. PEDIGREE DWARF LOP BUNNY RABBITS FOR SALE ESSEX : Beautiful pedigree dwarf lop eared baby bunnies for sale. We have three adorable little baby bunnies ready to go to their new homes week beg ... 15/10/10
45. Roborovski hamsters for free : We was given 4 hamsters and was told they was boys (a 6 year old sexed them)and now 2 have had babies so we have lots! We have a choice ... 15/10/10
46. Rabbits for Sale 10 each : We have Rabbits for sale from a litter of 10, They are 12 Weeks old Half Dwarfs, 5 White, 4 Black & 1 Blue. Bucks & Does Available. ... 20/09/10
47. Blue Giant Continental Rabbits : Blue Giant Continental Rabbits 14 Week old giant continental rabbits, 1 Blue Buck & 1 Blue Doe 50 each If you need to come have a ... 20/09/10
48. Baby African Pygmy Hedgehogs : We have hogs due around 6th September. Email us to reserve your hoglet now! We have had three successful herds previously. Check out this ... 28/08/10
49. Eclectus Hen with Cage and Toys : Hi I'm Ruby and I am a 3 year old Eclectus hen. I am looking for a loving home as my parents dog won't settle with me around. I don't mind h ... 16/08/10
50. Bearded dragon babies lovely colours 40 : I have some gorgeous baby beardies for sale, such cute babies really lovely colours. They are so friendly and love to come out of theyre viv ... 15/08/10
51. Baby Bearded Dragons for sale, Very healthy and ta... ... : These healthy babies hatched between 10th and 17th June, they are eating greens, mealworms,crickets & anything else that moves!! Very tame a ... 08/08/10
52. Baby Corn Snakes : I have ten beautiful baby Corn snakes available. They are Carolina but have some lovely grey colours to them. The mother is Anertheristic an ... 04/08/10
53. Pure Indian Runner Ducklings : Healthy and lively pure Indian runner ducklings hatched on 8th July. Mixture of colours. They require a heat lamp and as they are social ani ... 30/07/10
54. Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale CITRUS, SANDFIRE, AN... ... : Baby bearded dragons for sale recently hatch and ready to go, feeding well on crickets, small locusts, and fresh greens and veg all dusted i ... 25/07/10
55. Dobermann Puppies, Brown, Fawn & Black : Dobermann Puppies. Brown & tan female, brown & tan male, fawn & tan male, and black & tan female. The brown and tan ones are ... 25/06/10

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